Drevo Gramr 84-key Backlit Mechanical Keyboard review

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I’m not much of a gamer anymore, but my son (currently age 10) enjoys playing Minecraft and asked for an alternative to the flat-keyed Apple USB keyboard.  I thought this would be a great time to take a closer look at a mechanical keyboard- in this case, the Drevo Gramr 84-key Backlit Mechanical Keyboard.

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Most gamers would tell you they prefer the tactile feel of a mechanical keyboard.  The Drevo Gramr is a compact keyboard without the “ten keys” on the right side, which works just fine if you constantly mash the WASD keys and don’t do a lot of numerical entry.

drevo gramr-02 drevo gramr-03In the box, you’ll get the keyboard, a simple clear plastic dust cover, some stickers, a keycap puller and this instruction insert.

drevo gramr-05

drevo gramr-06

Flip the keyboard over and you’ll find this lovely braided USB cord that can exit from the center, left or right sides of the keyboard.

drevo gramr-07 drevo gramr-08

The Gramr has one height adjustment, but I found the “flat” setting comfortable enough.

drevo gramr-04

The printed keycaps themselves are of a slightly futuristic font.  Not the most legible, but not too radical either.  There are no obvious logos or branding.

drevo gramr-10The Gramr is equipped with blue-type mechanical switches, which give a tactile “clicky” feedback.  It’s delightful.  This keyboard is also backlit with the LED orientation towards the back of the switch.

drevo gramr-11There was one thing that puzzled me at first:  Why didn’t the F12-PS-PAU and capslock key light up?  That’s because they toggle on/off for NumLock, Caps Lock, etc.

drevo gramr-12

You can also program custom lighting profiles.  In this example, preset 3 lights up the ever popular WASD keys.

Speaking of customization, the Gramr also has several LED “patterns” to choose from.  I’ve cycled through the different ones in the video:

I let my son take a shot at the keyboard, but he discovered it was too noisy for his tastes.

drevo gramr-13To capture this, I recorded the Gramr keyboard, followed by my Macbook Pro keyboard, back to back.  Take a listen and hear for yourself.

The first half you’ll hear the Gramr… followed by the laptop.

As for the noise, I could have purchased O-rings since the majority of the sound is of the keycap striking the keyboard itself, and not the switch.  I might try it someday.

As for the Drevo Gramr 84-key Backlit Mechanical Keyboard, I like the compact size and the wonderful tactile feel of the blue switches.  If I ever build a gaming rig myself, I may have to install some O-rings and hit those WASD keys.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Drevo. Please visit their site for more info and Amazon to order.


Product Information

  • USB
  • Customizable backlight. Sturdy. No outlandish branding. Great mechanical tactile feel (blue switches)
  • Noisy- may not be suitable for the work environment.

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