Walabot DIY gives your smartphone superhero superpowers

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Have you ever fantasized about having X-ray vision like Superman? The Walabot DIY will give you, or I should say your smartphone, that superpower. What is it? Walabot DIY is a device that uses 3D imaging technology to see through drywall, cement, and other materials to determine the location of pipes, wires, and even rodents’ nests. This device connects magnetically to Android phones 5.0 and higher. Using the phone’s display and Walabot’s built-in 3D imaging sensors, it will show both the depth and location of objects up to four inches or 10 centimeters of concrete or drywall, making it a great tool for weekend DIY projects. I want one to find out where critters are located in the ceiling of my computer room (just one of the joys of living in the woods). WalabotDIY retails for $299 USD, but for a limited time early adopters can take advantage of a special $199 USD introductory launch price. To order WalabotDIY or learn more, visit http://walabot.com/diy.

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  2. Can you use it to look through girls clothing like the X-ray goggles that they used to advertise in the back of some magazines?

  3. FYI – I got one this week, but although I pre-checked with them that my Nexus 5X would work with it I could not try it on arrival because they only include a micro usb OTG cable and my Nexus has a usb-c port. I wrote to Support and was told:

    “Walabot-DIY only requires the phone to support OTG and Android 5.0 or above.
    As the Nexus 5X uses the new USB-C connector – you can have 2 simple options:
    1) Use a micro-USB (female) to USB-C (male) adapter with the provided cable.
    2) Use a USB-C (male) to USB (female) and a regular USB cable

    Here is a link to an adapter at Amazon (there many of those) to illustrate what you may need (we didn’t test this one specifically).

    So now I’m waiting for an adapter…

      1. And though I ordered a USB-C/ Micor USB converter plug from Amazon whose reviewer stated definitely works for OTG, I’m not getting through the setup in the app. The app does recognize when I connect the Walabot, but isn’t finishing. So don’t count on this for USB-C – I need to see if I can update one of my older Android tablets to Android 5.

          1. Followup: The Walabot folks postulated that perhaps their device wasn’t able to draw enough power and so sent me instructions for how to move a jumper on its circuit board. That would allow me to connect a separate power supply to the middle microUSB port rather than having the connect-to-phone microUSB port do both data and power (The Walabot does not have any on-board battery).

            I did that, then tried using a microUSB to USB-A cable connected to my multi-port charging station to the middle port, and their microUSB OTG cable with my USB-C adapter to the data port – the Nexus app still recognized the device had been plugged in, but still said “disconnected”.

            I then tested both their OTG cable and my cable to make sure they were functional (plus tested that the USB-C adapter at least worked to get power to the Nexus via the microUSB cable – I don’t have another USB-C device). I could not find any peers with an OTG-compatible Android 5 phone to test their native config.

            I’ve now shipped the Walabot (at my expense) back to them so they can test whether it was DOA. If it is, I said to send me another; if it works for them, then I want a refund since I bought the 5X after specifically asking them to confirm it would work 🙁

      2. Another update: After I returned my original device Walabot started looking at my issue. They discovered that their app wasn’t working with Android 7.0 (Nougat). They updated the app and sent me a new device which also included a USB-C OTG cable, plus an Amazon gift card for my trouble (which more than covered my return shipping cost).

        I just tried the new setup with new app, and the device is now powering up properly. Time to start checking out my walls!

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