Flashlight + knife = Kootek Tactical Flashlight Knife


I love products that can do more than one thing and the Kootek Tactical Flashlight is one of those types of products. First of all, it’s a flashlight that uses a CREE 800 Lumen LED that has 3 brightness levels, strobe, and beam focusing. The flashlight is powered by a rechargeable battery (AC adapter is not included) that is charged via USB. It also has a hammer point on the end that can be used for self-defense and as a window breaker. But the coolest feature of all is the built-in 7.6 inch knife in the handle, allowing this an all-in-one survival and self-defense tool. You can buy the Kootek Tactical Flashlight Knife for $19.98 from Amazon

[Source: The Awesomer]

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5 thoughts on “Flashlight + knife = Kootek Tactical Flashlight Knife”

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  2. I’ m puzzled. Why would I want to attach a knife to a light? With a bit of tape, you could attach the whole thing to a cup, would that be even better?

    1. It’s a long-handled flashlight that has knife stowed in the handle. I like that it’s one product that can have two uses. Say you’re out camping, walking in the woods at night, etc. You’re using the flashlight and then need to use a knife but don’t have one in your pocket or want to go back to your campsite / house to get one. You won’t need to if you’re using this flashlight. I think it’s a convenient extra feature.

      1. Just hope that you don’t need to point the light at whatever you are cutting.

        Nope, it’s just a light and a pocket knife, connected in an inconvenient way. If you want to bring both, bring both. If you think you might forget one, connect them with a couple of split rings or (as I do) with an A&P key ring.

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