This jump rope projects your jump count in front of you with each jump

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How is your new year’s resolution to get more fit and lose weight working out for you so far? Yeah, same here. Maybe you need a fitness accessory to help motivate you. Last week I showed you a jump rope that can be used to charge your gadgets and today I have another jump rope for you. This one is a lot more interesting. It will display your jump count right in front of you each time you jump. The Smart Jump Rope from Korea-based Tangram Factory has 23 embedded LEDs that flash in a sequence that enables them to display your jump count in real time as you’re jumping. If you pair the Smart Jump Rope with your mobile device and the Smart Rope app, it will be able to display other fitness stats like calories burned, time elapsed, and goals reached. For more info visit Tangram Factory and to order one for $89.99 head over to Amazon.

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