WaterField has announced two Apple Watch accessories


The time to start thinking about protective gear for an accessory is before you get the accessory, right?  WaterField has been busy designing a couple of new accessories for the upcoming Apple Watch.  The Time Travel Case for Apple Watch is a protective, padded case for the Apple Watch charger, spare watch bands, a Bluetooth earpiece, or a smartphone.  It can even hold the Apple Watch when it’s being charged.  The Time Travel Case for Apple Watch will ship shortly after the Watch is released.  It’s available in black, camel, grey, red, forest green, or cowboy brown leather for $59.00 or in black ballistic nylon for $49.00.

The WatchPad is a simple 8″ x 4.75″ leather pad to protect your Watch as it charges on your nightstand or desk.  It’s available now in black or grizzly leather for $17.00.

Learn more about these Apple Watch accessories at WaterField Designs.


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