mophie dual wall chargers work at home or in the car


We know that mophie makes protective phone cases with built-in backup batteries, and they also make battery packs that you can carry in your gear bag or on a keychain to charge all your mobile gear.  Did you know that mophie also makes AC wall chargers?  They have two models that you can use at home or in the car.  The Dual USB Charger has two 2.1A ports, so you can charge two devices from a single wall socket simultaneously – even two tablets.  The Dual Port with Car Charger also has two high-power USB ports.  One of the ports is a quick-release car charger port that pops out of the AC unit for use in your car’s power outlet.  Both Dual Charger models have wall prongs that fold flat for easy transport.  The Dual USB Charger is $39.95 and the Dual Port with Car Charger is $44.95 from mophie.

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