Nike+ FuelBand, HuMn Wallet, Altego backback Thecus NAS server and more – Gadget review updates


Click through for this week’s list of updated reviews. Each update is at the bottom of the listed review, so just click and then scroll down to find out if each product turned out to be a keeper or a clunker.

Nike+ FuelBand review by Larry Geisz
Michi Strengtholic 5600mAh battery charger review by Larry Geisz
Cooler Master Duo review by Larry Geisz
HuMn Wallet Mini review by Larry Geisz
Altego 17″ Polygon Sunfire Backpack review by Larry Geisz
Thecus N2310 NAS Server review by Larry Geisz
Just Mobile AluPen Twist L stylus by Larry Geisz

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