Control lights, music and more with your Misfit Flash

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The affordable Misfit Flash activity tracker will soon have the ability to control your favorite apps and smart hardware by double or triple pressing its button face. Wearable controls for the Flash were demoed earlier this month at CES and will include abilities such as:

  • Users will be able to start and stop their Spotify playlist with Flash.
  • Misfit is working with Nest on an integration enabling users to connect Misfit’s sleep tracking functionality and alarm with the Nest Learning Thermostat™ to wake up to their ideal temperature.
  • With IFTTT, soon users can utilize Misfit Flash to turn on and off devices, fire off quick messages, and send fitness information to an archive on the go.
  • Logitech’s Harmony API will allow Flash to control smart home devices such as lights, TVs and music players.
  • Yo’s messaging services will let users stay connected with friends and family with a simple double press on Flash.
  • Misfit Flash will allow August Smart Lock users to unlock their doors without a smartphone.

I love this idea and can already think of a few things that I’d like to control with the small Misfit Flash device. For example, I’d like to be able to do a thumbs up or skip songs in Pandora while I’m driving without having to look at and tap my smartphone’s display. If I had the Flash mounted on the steering wheel or dash, it would be a lot easier to double tap for skip and triple tap to thumbs up. If anyone already has a solution for this, please share in the comments.

You can find more info about Misfit’s wearable controls at

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