Just Mobile AluPen Twist L stylus review

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The digital age, what does that mean for writing instruments? Although, we seem to be trending away from the pen and pencil, we still have a need to use them in our everyday lives. With the advent of modern PDAs came the stylus, and while it did not replace the pen and pencil, it has become a more relevant player in our everyday lives. So how do you incorporate the old with the new? The pen with the stylus? And how do you make it both functional and durable? The folks at Just Mobile have come up with their solution, the AluPen Twist L.  The AluPen Twist L combines the new (stylus) with the old (ink pen) in a sleek comfortable design.

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I will admit I am a fan of Just Mobile products. I have either bought or tested several of their products in the past, and I have liked everything I have used so far.

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The AluPen Twist L seems to me to be the next evolution in their pen/stylus line. An upgrade in design and function from the previously offered AluPen Pro, the AluPen Twist L provides a more stylish look with a comfortable feel. Made out of aluminum and ABS plastic, it is stylish and durable. Some of the keys features of the AluPen Twist L from the Just Mobile website are:

  • High-quality aluminum and ABS construction
  • Stylus compatible with all capacitive-screen smartphones and tablets
  • Robust twist mechanism. Nibs protected when not in use
  • Replaceable ballpoint pen

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The stylus for the AluPen Twist L is a nice size and has good responsiveness when used on my iPad or iPhone 5. The stylus is located on the back half of the pen (the plastic end) and retracts when not in use. This retractable feature saves some wear and tear on the stylus nib when it is not in use. This is one of the features that attracted me to this pen.

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As I said in the opening, it seems that the traditional writing instrument is becoming a dying breed. Not that we won’t always have a need for an ink pen or pencil, but the stylus is taking over. With that in mind the AluPen Twist L incorporates a decent writing pen into this pen/stylus combo. The ink cartridge in the pen is a Schmidt D1, which is replaceable. Like the stylus end of the AluPen Twist L, the ink pen side is tapered nicely to allow for comfortable writing. I like the fact that the ink pen end is narrower than the stylus end, and to me, it feels better for precision writing.

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Using the AluPen Twist L is just a matter of twisting the body left or right until the desired tool emerges from the end. The fact that you can change out the ink cartridge as well as the stylus nib should allow you to have a long lasting relationship with the AluPen Twist L. Instructions on how to use the AluPen twist L are located on the back of the pen/stylus. Instructions on how to change out the ink cartridge and stylus nib are located on the pull out that hold the AluPen Twist L in the box. Both are relatively easy to do and a set of three replacement stylus nibs are available at the Just Mobile website for $12.95.

So, what’s my bottom line? This is definitely a keeper. Although some may find the AluPen Twist L a little bulky, I find it comfortable to use. The ability to change out the stylus nib as well as the ink cartridge is another plus for me. The weight is good, and the build quality and materials are first rate. At a cost of $39.95, I would have liked to see the whole pen made out of aluminum, but the price is not out of line for this type of product.

Update 01/30/15

Yes, I am still a pen and stylus junky. I have more then my fair share of writing instruments, but for everyday and traveling, I still get great use out of my Just Mobile AluPen Twist L. The nib is still working well and I have not had to change out the ink. As a pen stylus combo I like this one a lot and the fact that the nib is retractable still makes it stand out to me.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Just Mobile
Retailer:Just Mobile
  • Quality build
  • Replaceable stylus nib
  • Comfortable to use
  • None

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