Never trip over your tent’s guy lines at night again

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These tent stakes are made of 6000 series aluminum, so they are built to last.  The UCO StakeLights also have an LED light that marks the perimeter of your tent with light and makes the location of the guy lines clearly visible.  The LED is encased in a highly water-resistant TPE housing (IPX 6), and it uses one AAA battery.  You can use them in “area mode” (on constantly) to provide 17 lumens of light for up to 10 hours, or you can strobe them for up to 24 hours.  The 9″ UCO StakeLight is $5.99 each or $19.99 for a pack of four.  Check the Industrial Revolution website to find a retailer near you.

2 thoughts on “Never trip over your tent’s guy lines at night again”

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  2. I am not sure it’s brilliant. I camp quite a bit. While the price for those stakes are pretty reasonable, I see a couple of problems.

    First, they are creating a problem by sticking out so high. Most modern tents have short loops rather than long guide lines, so for the most part if you get the stakes to not stick up so much, you are OK.

    Second, now that those stakes has to stick out quite a bit, you run into the danger of tripping over them day or night. You could leave them on at night, but during the day, those lights are not going be visible. And then there is a power consumption problem. Constantly on, they last one night, and flashing would be distractingly obnoxious to you and your neighbor.

    I wonder if glow in the dark stake ends may work better.

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