Get ready for Oktoberfest with Das Can-In-Stein


Your barware might not include expensive ceramic or metal beer steins, but you can simulate the look with these Das Can-In-Stein beverage can holders.  Simply slip any standard 12 ounce can into the “scaffolding”, and you’ll have a stein, complete with handle and thumb-opened hinged lid.  Although it looks like pewter, Das Can-In-Stein is made of pewter-colored resin.  Whether you’re drinking a beer or a caffeine-free Diet Pepsi, Das Can-In-Stein improves the look of your beverage.  At only $9.99 each, you may be able to add a set of these tankards to your barware and still have money to buy something to go in them.  Das Can-In-Stein is available from ThinkGeek.  (Das Can-In-Stein started out as one of ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s pranks, but it’s really available to purchase now.)

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