Switch Modular Pocket Knife gets an update


About a year ago, I reviewed the Switch Modular Pocket Knife from Quirky. I loved the concept of a customizable Swiss Army style pocket knife / multi-tool, but found that the product itself needed a lot of work to be even remotely usable. Now there’s an updated version of the Switch that seems to have addressed some of my concerns and complaints. This new set comes with 12 interchangeable tools that include: a blade, wood saw, serrated blade, bottle opener/flathead screwdriver, micro flathead screwdriver, micro Phillips screwdriver, file, Phillips screwdriver, pliers, scissors, LED flashlight, and mirror/tweezer/pick/pen. From the images, it appears that they’ve ditched the plastic tools and that they’ve updated the other tools to be a little more robust. User reviews are sparse so far, but the few on their site are mostly positive. The Switch Modular Pocket Knife is available from Quirky for $89.99

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  • Tetsubo December 27, 2013, 12:56 pm

    I still don’t see the attraction for this tool. For $90 (plus shipping) you can get a far more comprehensive tool for less money. For example, my favorite multi-tool, the SwissTool can be had for $72 which includes shipping.

  • Jamie Lee Acana December 28, 2013, 12:06 pm

    This Switch Modular Pocket Knife is one great tool. My Mom bought me one for christmas. But I do agree that for $89.99 makes this knife is expensive as hell

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