Unblock your outlets with the Contort Power


When you’re a gadget lover, you may find yourself unable to use all the outlets in your house because something’s big power brick is using one outlet and blocking another (or two).  With the Contort Power from Quirky, you’ll be able to use both outlets.  The Contort Power has an offset plug that moves it to the side and out of the way of the other outlet.  It has a built-in surge protector, a 3-prong outlet, and two USB ports for charging “low-power” devices (which I would think means 5V, 1A ports, though it’s not stated).  There’s built-in cord management for the USB cables and an LED light, too.  It measures 3.2″ X 5.2″ X 2.3″, so it’s small enough to carry in your gear bag.  It’s $24.99 at Quirky.

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