Nap comfortably anywhere with this pillow

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The NapAnywhere pillow is a Kickstarter project developed by Ravi Shamaiengar, a medical doctor who was tired of the stiff, painful neck that resulted when he slept during travel.  He found those U-shaped pillows just didn’t offer the neck and head support that was needed for sleeping upright, so he says: “Using my knowledge of anatomy and experience gained while developing multiple designs, I have finally created a unique minimalist solution. The NapAnywhere provides better head support for the seated user, but is still compact enough to carry anywhere.”  He says the NapAnywhere pillow is a “sophisticated head-support pillow that is part engineering, part architecture, and part origami” that folds flat for storage.  Funding lasts until July 25, 2013 (6:12 AM ET).  He need just slightly more than $2000 to meet his goal, so you need to act quickly if you’d like a NapAnywhere.  A pledge of $44 gets you a black NapAnywhere or $49 gets your choice of cream, cobalt, or crimson.

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