PhotoFast Lightning Mount lets you safely use your old 30-pin accessories

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You have the latest generation of the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, or iPod touch.  You also have a collection of expensive 30-pin speakers, docks, or other accessories that you want to continue using.  You can use a Lightning adapter to make the old accessory compatible with the new iOS device, but there’s still one big problem.  Your expensive device is now hovering dangerously unsupported above your accessory, held in place only by the the connector.  With no support, it would take only a bump to snap off one or both of the connectors.  Your 30-pin connector could be broken off the accessory, the Lightning plug could be broken off in the iOS’s Lightning connector, or perhaps worst of all, the iOS connector could be broken.  The Lighting Mount from PhotoFast will work with your old 30-pin accessory and a Lightning adapter and add support for the iOS device.  You can see in the image how the Lightning Mount fits into a Universal Dock system with the Lightning connector and how the back of the Lightning Mount acts as a support for the docked iOS device.  The Lightning Mount is $29.99; you’ll have to supply your own Lightning adapter and 30-pin accessory.

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