Fling Tactile Game Controller from Ten One Design

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A problem I have with the iPad is that the virtual keyboard doesn’t offer any tactile feedback, so I have to keep my eye on the keyboard when I type.  I’m not a gamer, but I would imagine the virtual controls in iPad games would suffer from the same lack of feedback.  To address this problem, Ten One Design has introduced the Fling Tactile Game Controller for iPad games that use a virtual joystick.  The Fling controller attaches to the iPad screen with suction cups.  It’s made mostly of a transparent material that seems to disappear on an illuminated screen.  (There are also machined aluminum pieces.)  Ten One Design is taking pre-orders for the Fling Tactile Game Controller now.  Buy one Fling for $24.95 or two for $38.

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  2. The idea is good but still a bit pricey. It might sell better if it was priced lower around $10-$15. And I’m not sure how long those plastic loops will last with all the bending back and forth when you move the joystick.

  3. I pre-ordered two ninja Fling controller, that began to ship the 25th. I got it today. I started playing first of all, my fav game, N.O.V.A 2. Actually the controller doesn’t give full movements to the action because the diameter of the analog spinning in the circle is to small. So with N.O.V.A 2 you can move back, left, ecc, but you cannot run! I tried two controller at the same time. The controller on the left is also very limited with movements, BUT, when you click on the analog it shoots.
    Then i trying to remove one of the two suction cups on each on the controlers. Once I’ve done that I was able to run because with one suction cup, all the controller spins on the screen as it was a Big analog.
    Still with dead space for example, a must have btw, this technique doesn’t work.
    So I suggest that Ten One Design should created a Fling controller with some half on an inch added to the diameter, then we will fully enjoy those games with NOVA type virtual analog. For the moment I wouldn’t recommended at all.

  4. The Galaxy tablet has a smaller screen so the moves in the games will be “shorter”. For example on an iPhone the screen is way to small for a fling and the moves (right, left ecc) are short to achieve. So Yes, if a game like Nova 2 exists on the galaxy tablet you will be able to achieve  80-100% full in game movements.  It dipends on the game. If it is an FPS the left analog will work probably at a 100% on a 7inch tablet even though the fling might take a little bit too much space.  For third person shooters, the left  analog might work as well but a right analog will not give you the opportunity to make a 360 degrees movement because you usually swipe from one corner to another of the screen. 
    To put it in a nut shell, yes a left  fling  analog would be useful on an iPad with “arcade” type games,  on a Galaxy tab with a smaller screen it may work well also with FPS type games.    I tried some other games, changing also the settings, like for example, racing games such as  GT racing(on the iPad), epic citadel ecc. The only game that WORKED at 100% with the TWO Fling controllers is the arcade type game “Robokill”. With one controller, you get full movement with FIFA 2011(on the iPad), or other sports type games where there is a “run” botton on the right so you dont need a bigger controller diameter. 

    1. @John c I’d like to help you out, but that app is $11. I don’t really want to buy it just to try the joystick… Maybe someone else can chime in to help you out…

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