Kenu Airvue headrest device mount review

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I have long been a fan of Kenu products because of their innovative designs, quality products, and great prices.  In fact, I often give the Kenu Airframe product as gifts to friends and family.  So when the $49.95 Kenu Airvue came out, I had great expectations.  It is Kenu’s solution to mounting your tablet (up to 12 inch) on the headrest in your car so passengers (e.g., the kiddos!) can enjoy hands-free viewing.  Let’s dig a little deeper into the Airvue.

One of the most beautiful things about Kenu products is their simple design.  And the Airvue is no different.  It is simple in its design, and it just works.  Basically, there are 2 mechanisms to the Airvue: the curve mount and the spring-loaded expandable grip.  The curve mount is what you attach to the headrest by squeezing the ends of the curve mount toward each other and then sliding it between the posts in the headrest and popping the ends of the curve mount onto each post.  Inside the curved ends, it is rubberized so you won’t damage your headrest.


For those of you familiar with the Kenu Airframe that you use to hold your cellphone in your car, you’ll recognize the expandable spring-loaded grip that is an over-sized version of it.  Both ends of the grip pull out so that you can insert your tablet into the grip.  Once your tablet is inserted, the ball and socket joint that connects the spring-loaded grip to the curve mount enables you to rotate the tablet 360 degrees for any viewing angle, in both portrait or landscape modes.



I should mention that the Airvue is such a quality product that it just feels solid in your hand.  The springs are stiff, yet easily workable. The ball and socket joint is easily movable, but holds the tablet in the exact position that you place it.  And the curve mount is very solid.  I should also mention that I don’t think that small children would be able to place the Airvue onto a headrest because it takes a little effort to squeeze the ends of the curve together to place it on the headrest.  It is easier to insert the tablet into the spring-loaded grip, but I still think that small children would struggle with that as well.  So the parent will most likely put the Airvue in place and insert the tablet.

You can even use the Airvue in your house as a portable stand to set your tablet on a table for viewing, as you can see below.  I used the Airvue with both an iPad and my 7-inch Nexus 7 Android tablet.  I have pictures of both below.


Here are the pictures of my Nexus 7 tablet in the Airvue:




And here are pictures of my iPad in the Airvue:




Bottom line

The Kenu Airvue is another example of Kenu’s beautiful design and drop-dead simple ease-of-use.  It just works.  It is a high-quality product, and your only complaint will be that you didn’t buy one for each headrest.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Kenu. For more information, visit their site and Amazon to order.


Product Information

  • Car headrest
  • Quality design
  • Ease-of-use
  • Price
  • Parents will have to install it

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