Free Version of SoundHound Available for iOS and Android

Earlier this year I reviewed SoundHound, an app for iPhone/iPad that works beautifully to “listen” to a song and tell you what it is and who performs it.  I thought the app was well worth the price ($4.99 at the  app store), but it would have been nice to have a chance to try it before purchasing it.  Now SoundHound has released free versions for iOS and Android.  The free version, now using the “SoundHound” name, lets you identify 5 songs for free each month.  The paid version, now called SoundHound ∞, is available at the iTunes and Android app stores for $4.99.  The free version keeps all the functions that make SoundHound so great – like fast identification of music on the radio or that you hum or sing and in-app lyrics. And if you decide to upgrade to the paid version, your search history will even transfer from the free version.  Learn more about the SoundHound apps at their website.

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