AmpliTube iRig and AmpliTube App

amplitube irigHave you guys seen the commercial showing the guy with his guitar plugged into his iPad?  He’s using the AmpliTube iRig from IK Multimedia – a combination of an easy-to-use instrument interface adapter and guitar and bass tone mobile software.  This hardware device plugs into the headphone jack on your iPad or iPhone/iPod and acts as the interface between your instrument and the application running on your Apple device.  The iRig also has an output for your headphones, amp, or powered speakers.  The iRig is $39.99.  Combine the iRig with the free AmpliTube app for iPhone/iPod or iPad, and you’ll be able to simulate three stomp boxes and one amp/cabinet, and both dynamic and condensor microphones to simulate the sound of an old-fashioned analog recording studio.  There are paid versions of both the iPhone and iPad apps that will give you up to 11 stompbox effects (with the ability to use multiples simultaneously), and a variety of amp and speaker cabinet effects to choose from.

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