Make File Sharing Easy with Pogoplug

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With Pogoplug, you can easily access your files from any computer anywhere, and you can share your files with anyone you choose.  Simply plug the Pogoplug into your router, plug up to 4 USB external drives directly into the Pogoplug (more with a USB hub), and set up secure access through the Pogoplug web site.  You can access your files from any computer anywhere using a web browser on Windows or Mac computers.  There’s even a utility that makes the shared USB drive on the Pogoplug look like a local drive.  There are also apps available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android for file access anywhere.  Power plug options are available for US, European, or UK use.  The Pogoplug is $129, and there are no other access fees or yearly charges.

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  2. Being a past PogoPlug owner & user I have to offer a cautionary tale… for months, myself and other users suffered under issues after a particularly bad update to the device from the manufacturer. Lost date, permission lock outs on files/folders, constantly re-indexing data. While support staff was communicative and patient, they had no actually solutions. After months, many of us just gave up…. the loss of access to data (and worse yet, actual data loss) was just too much to endure.

    The PogoPlug might be a nice gizmo for casual access to your data but I would not recommend it for anything valuable, irreplaceable or in a situation where reliability is a factor.

    I recently received an email from PogoPlug suggesting that a new update from them MIGHT address the widespread issues, but frankly, I’m just not willing to try it and have to restore my data again (and again and again).

    Moved on, now happy user of the Tonido desktop software (think Opera Unite but stabler).

  3. I have a pogoplug for the last four or five months. Previously, I was using dropbox and had upgraded to the 50 GB plan, but realized that I needed another solution as I store a lot of photos and videos that ate up 48 GB in two months. I could have upgraded to the 100 GB plan, but then would be spending up to $200 per year. For almost half of that cost, I now have my 2 TB drive online.

    I haven’t had any problems like Mystech, and I’m a pretty heavy user of the Pogoplug. However, there is definitely a bit of a way to go for Pogoplug. Comparing the Pogoplug to Dropbox isn’t really fair, but here are some of my thoughts.

    – Your upload and download speeds will depend on your the internet connection that your Pogoplug is connected to. I have Time Warner 12MPS service, but the Pogoplug is definitely slower to access data than Dropbox.
    – The interface of the Pogoplug also needs a bit of work. As far as I am aware, there is no way to move files or folders in the Pogoplug online application.
    – The Pogoplug drive application is well done and works well.

  4. @tivoboy This is not an ad. It’s just a news article I wrote about a product I saw that I thought looked interesting. Julie did a review of the Seagate FreeAgent DockStar Network Adapter that uses a service from Pogoplug, but it was not this item.

  5. I use pogoplug, and it works great and I have had no problems with it, but I agree with al it’s definitely slower than dropbox, and with all the files I have dropbox is too expensive, pogoplug is definitely worth the money.

  6. my bad. Take a look at the new iomega iconnect products, same or better functionality (like WIFI integrated) for a lower price, 99$.

  7. I own a version 1 pogoplug and it’s been working great for me. I used openpogo to hack it and add Samba and uShare. Samba allows me to map it locally without having to use the software and uShare lets me stream video to my xBox 360.

  8. Definitely was intrigued by the Pogoplug concept, but in line with the first reviewer found it to be a time sink disaster. I could go on about the problems. Tonight it just will not recognize my drives – which it turns out is a very common problem. The company’s support is ineffective. If there was not two inches of black ice on the road tonight I would be driving to Best Buy right now to return the product. DO NOT BUY.

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