New iMacs with a whopping 27″ display – Out comes my credit card

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imac27Today Apple announced new hardware and the most exciting part for me was the new ginormous 27″ iMacs. I’ve been dealing with a sick 3yr old iMac for several months now and recently wrestled with the decision to buy a laptop or another desktop. After today’s revelations, I’m definitely going to continue to use a desktop as my main computer and will be ordering a new quad-core 27″ iMac (and if I fall to temptation, maybe even a Macbook Pro to go along with it). I haven’t purchased anything ‘big’ for myself in quite a long time, so I’m going with the high end 27″ model, with the quad-core processor and 8GB of RAM. I’m going to have to wait a few weeks to get it though as the Apple store is saying they won’t be available till November. Anyone else treating themselves today?

24 thoughts on “New iMacs with a whopping 27″ display – Out comes my credit card”

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  2. Congrats!! I really want to buy a Mac, I just cannot get around the “Mac Tax”. Even if I do decide the bite the Mac bullet, like you I will have a hard time deciding between a desktop or a laptop.

  3. I would love to get one of these, but my iMac isn’t even 3 years old yet, and it is working great. I can’t justify the expense right now.

  4. Yep ive just bought one also, see how long it takes to get downunder.. Went 16gig ram and 2Tb HDD, if you are going to do something – do it stupidly.. 🙂

  5. Beautiful display, but a bit far out of my new pc budget! I wonder if the display can be bought on its own? I’ve always wanted a MAC display ever since they started making them this way.

  6. There’s (almost) nothing as great as waiting for the knock on the door from the man delivering the new shiny toy! I think we need some gratuitous unboxing photos, so we can share in the excitement!

    1. @Chris Mcneil Sure, I can do that. It’s going to be awhile though. I have no idea yet when it will ship. Apple’s order status page still just says November.

  7. Don’t forget Julie- That 27″ model also features DisplayPort input, so you can connect a 360, PS3, Cable tuner, etc to it via a converter that’ll be available shortly. So you can use the 27″ iMac as a really hi-def TV 😉

    This is only the 27″ iMac tho – No other machines do this at this time.

  8. It’s like buying a 30″ Cinema and getting a computer for free;
    30″ Cinema = $1799 vs 27″ iMac w/DisplayPort Input = $1699…

    And you’ll always be able to use the 27″ iMac as a monitor, via this input.

    It’s in the specs;

    “27-inch models also support input from external DisplayPort sources (adapters sold separately).”

  9. Congrats on the iMac! If I needed a desktop, I’d get one.

    ferris209, FYI Apple offers a free-after-rebate printer if you buy online. Also, if you get the educational discounts (which is easy to do) and can wait until late Spring, Apple has an annual promotion for a free-after-rebate iPod touch. Last June, I bought my wife a 13″ MBP w/ iPod touch and printer for $1099 (I Ebayed the iPod, making the final price ~$930). A nice thing about Apple’s rebates is that you to redeem them you simply login, enter the order#, and click a button (you don’t have to enter your information or mail anything).

    This is a bit tangential, but IMO with the free iPod + printer, the base 13″ MBP and base 27″ iMac ($1599) are actually reasonable compared to Windows-based models (with similar features, materials, form factors, and bundled software). Same goes for the base Mac mini ($549), and server Mac mini ($949), though these haven’t qualified for the free iPod during previous promotions.

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