Gotta Have It – Klick Fix

gripit_fig1The Klick-Fix is addictive.  If you can find them, buy as many as you can, you’ll soon be wishing you had as you put them on your refrigerator, computer monitor, car dashboard, tool chest, night stand, Kindle cover, laptop lid, medicine cabinet, workbench …  etc. etc. etc.  Just push your pen into the grippers (which rotate 360 degrees) and it locks in.  Pull it out just as easy.  Now if they only made them for shovels.

Note: This product can be hard to find.  While you may be able to locate them in a retail or office supply store, and also carry them for $1.79 – $2.25.

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Product Information

Price:Varies from $1 to $3
  • Small, does what it is supposed to, holds items securely, good pressure
  • You can never get enough of them
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