Finally fold your fitted sheets – Fit & Fold

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How many of you can correctly fold a fitted sheet? And by ‘fold’, I don’t mean roll into a ball and stuff in a closet. Apparently there’s a LOT of us because I just discovered a product that is supposed to help solve our problem. Fit & Fold is a set of four snaps (available in several colors), that you attach to each corner of your sheet. Once attached, you can snap the corners together to help you with your folding tasks. Kinda neat, but of course, once you learn the trick of how to orient the corners, you really don’t need these snaps. However, the snaps also tell the orientation of corners (top, bottom), so they also aid you in making the bed. You can get a set for $9.99.

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  2. Hey, what’s wrong with rolling it into a cylinder. – It doesn’t take up much room and the wrinkles come out when you sleep on it.

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