Bladerunner II RC Helicopter

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HobbyTron sells a lot of really cool RC flying and driving toys. They recently sent me the BladeRunner II. I was really surprised that they would trust me with another RC helicopter as I had totally destroyed the AH-64 Apache helicopter that they had sent me earlier in the year. After I had tried it, I was convinced that RC copters were just too hard to control. I’m happy to report that this is not the case with the Bladerunner II.

bladerunner II rc helicopter

The Bladerunner is a medium sized helicopter. Not tiny like the PicooZ that I reviewed last year.

bladerunner II rc helicopter

Package Contents

Bladerunner II helicopter
Handheld remote
Antenna for the remote
AC adapter

The only thing not included is a 9V battery to power the remote.

bladerunner II rc helicopter

The body of the Bladerunner is constructed of painted styrofoam. This makes the copter very light weight. It’s important to note that the Bladerunner is an indoors ONLY RC toy. It’s too light to fly outdoors, even if it isn’t windy.

The co-axial rotor design of this copter is the secret to its stability. If you’ve ever tried to fly an RC helicopter, you’ll probably agree that it’s very hard to control it. Not so with the Bladerunner.

bladerunner II rc helicopter

The remote control has two functions. The most obvious function is to control the helicopter during the flight. This is accomplished by using two thumb activated control knobs. The Left controller causes the helicopter to lift up and down, while the Right controller changes the direction while the copter is in flight. There is also a trim control knob that you can use to fine tune how the copter handles. The other function of the remote is to charge the battery in the copter.

bladerunner II rc helicopter

A small door on the back of the controller covers a storage compartment that houses the charger cable. To charge the copter, you connect the included AC adapter to the remote and the cable to the bottom of the copter.

bladerunner II rc helicopter

In the image above, you can see where to connect the charger cable. Be sure that the copter is not turned on when you are trying to charge it. It typically takes about 75 minutes to completely charge the battery; each full charge will allow you to fly for approximately 15 minutes. Luckily, you do not have to wait that long for your first flight as the copter comes charged and ready to go. Just install a 9V battery (not included) into the remote control, flip the switch on the bottom of the copter and on the remote and you’re all set.

Flying the Bladerunner is a lot of fun! It’s not difficult to master like other RC helicopters that I’ve tried in the past. In less than 15 minutes or so, I was able to lift off and fly forwards and backwards without crashing it into a wall or the ceiling. That might not sound very impressive, but I was pretty proud of myself nonetheless! :o) If you’re looking for a remote controlled helicopter that is easy to fly, this one is an excellent choice.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Interactive Toy
  • Easier to control than other RC helicopters
  • Can move in 6 different directions
  • 15 minutes of flight time per charge
  • Need a large indoor area to fly in

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