MAJESTYK Retro 70s Style LED Watch

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Years ago, in a gadget land far far away… There were no PDAs. There were no cellphones. No Apple iPods or Nintendo DS Lites. The time was called the 70’s and the amazing gadget of that time was the LED wrist watch. I still remember when my Dad bought one for my Mom. Oh how I wanted that watch with its black face and tiny Red glowing digits. The folks at LED Watch Stop help bring back those days of yesteryear with the MAJESTYK Retro 70s Style LED Watch.

The watch arrived in a Black ribbed box. Even before I opened the lid, I knew this watch was going to conjure up memories of The Brady Bunch, Tiger Beat magazine and bean bag chairs.

I almost needed a crane to pull out the watch given its enormous size and weight. The face of the watch measures 1.875 x 1.00 x 0.50 inches. It weighs in at 5.8 ounces (approximately the same weight as my Treo 750v!).

Made of stainless steel with a brushed finish, this watch is a chunky masculine time piece. Some might say it’s ugly. I say it’s… just retro. There were only 500 of this watch made, so it’s a collector’s item.

The wrist band is a metal link style and accommodates wrists 5.5″ to 9″ in diameter. To adjust for wrists smaller than 9 inches, you have to remove links.

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The strap is secured by a two snap clasp.

There are two metal buttons situated across from each other diagonally on the edge of the watch. The top right button controls the display. Press it once and the current time displays with flashing : between the hour and minutes. Press the button again and the date is displayed. Press once more and the seconds are displayed.

The blue digits look very cool shining behind the large mineral glass face. They are sharp and clear (the pictures here are not good representations of the display). The only problem is that you have to press the button to see the time. And, the time only stays on the display for 3 seconds before it goes dark again.

The opposite button is the one you use to set the time and date. The time can be displayed in 12hr or 24hr format. In 12hr format, a small dot designates PM. It’s interesting to note that the calendar will compensate for leap years and goes from 2005 up to 2049.

The MAJESTYK watch is water resistant up to 50m and is powered by 2 CR2016 batteries which are supposed to last for approximately 1yr.

If you have a guy friend that is still stuck in the 70s and who has strong wrists, get him this watch. It will make him realize just how far we’ve come since the days of shag carpet, Captain and Tennielle and Tab cola.


Product Information

Retailer:LED Watch Stop
  • Blue LED watches are unique
  • Only 500 of these watches exist
  • Heavy
  • Time only displays when you press a button

9 thoughts on “MAJESTYK Retro 70s Style LED Watch”

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  2. Julie, is it possible to take a pic of the watch on your wrist?

    I just want a point of reference for size. I have kinda skinny arms (for a guy) and wanna see how it looks on you.


  3. anson22:

    Well, here’s the thing… My wrists are 5.5″ around. That is the minimum size that the strap can accommodate if you take out links. I didn’t want to destroy the watch by removing links, so I didn’t even try. As a result, I didn’t take a picture of it on my wrist because it looks comical on me. The strap hangs down several inches.

  4. Wow, $120 for that? Seems awfully steep. Just because it is from a run of 500 doesn’t make a 2 function watch worth $120. Look honey, it does time AND date.

  5. Hello! This is Majestyk, the creator of the Majestyk M-1. Firstly, thanks to the folks at Gadgeteer for reviewing the watch. Since someone was looking for a photo of the watch on a wrist, there will be one up on Ledwatchstop very shortly.

    Regarding the display; there are two colors. Red and blue. As the reviewer states, the blue display above, does not actually bloom that bright and looks much better on the actual watch. The photos of the blue display on Ledwatchstop look different because they were done with a single CR-2032 battery, which the display will not light up as bright. It is meant to run on two CR2016’s, but either will work just fine.

    Concerning the wrist size…The specs that were given to Gadgeteer were wrong. The minimum size is 6 inches. The preferable size is 6.2 and up. From about 5.8 to 6 inches, the watch will be a little loose on the wrist, which a couple customers of mine have reported, but they didn’t mind since they wear watches loose anyway, like many seem to these days. Let me also state that I have about a 5.9 inch wrist and I’ve had many problems with modern LED and LCD watches not fitting it. I can not wear watches like the Solsuno or the THIX T3 because the vertical height on them exceeds my wrist size. The M1 was designed so it would fit my wrist. 🙂 The size in some ways is not as big as you might think because vertically, it’s mostly just the band (including the “false link”) meeting up with a narrow face. The size emphasis on this watch, is more width, so because of this, it can fit my small wrist.


    Jeff aka Majestyk

  6. As my user name applies I am a collector of many items. Among the items I collect are watches of different technologies, included are LED watches. In my LED collection I had older vintage LED’s. Namely Pulsar, Bulova, Compuchron, Novus, Benrus and Hamilton. Over the last several years I have attempted to add “newer” LED’s to the collection. I purchased several “new” Fossil and Adidas LED watches. These “new Fossil and Adidas watches” were a bitter disappointment. I disliked them so much I sold them on eBay at a loss (really did not even want to have them in my house). The primary reasons I disliked them were; me too copy cat styles, ( I had the “real” Bulova Drivers and other vintage style watches these brands were imitating), “pimply” looking buttons and modules which did not display seconds (after all, LED watches made in the ’70’s had this ability – give me a break I thought technology improved and did not go backwards).

    So, when the Majestyk LED watch appeared I took a rather callused look at it. I looked at it, asking myself several “hard” questions. Does it look different or is yet another copycat, is it of good quality, does the module display seconds, are the buttons decent or just another set of pimple ones, etc.

    After satisfying myself that the answers were yes, I picked up the Red LED version. I was very glad that I did. The look is great, quality is real good, button design and placement is logical and nice, it is very easy to set; the module does give you the ability to display seconds, etc. In fact, I was so pleased with it that I subsequently picked up the Blue LED version. This blue LED version is truly outstanding. I can even see the time without my glasses (first LED watch that lets me do this). In fact, the Blue LED one has become the watch I wear most of the time. Believe me, this is a radical departure for me – I primarly wore my Junghans Atomic Mega 1000 LCD on a regular basis before receiving the Blue LED version of this watch.

    Bottom line for me is that I am very happy I added these two to my collection. They are the very first “new LED’s” that I will not make eBay fodder of!!!!

  7. I just want to address some of the comments left earlier about this Majestyk LED watch:

    This is by far one of the best quality LED watches on the market if not the best and is serious value for money, only 500 exist and it will be a future classic.

    if you think $120 is alot for this watch that has only a few functions (time,date,seconds,24hr etc) yet is big and heavy and can only display the time once the function button is hit (information is on a need to know basis) then you need to be reminded this is a LED-WATCH and LED-WATCHES clearly are not really your thing so why comment on it?

    this watch is very classy!

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