RadTech PodSleevz iPod Case Review

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Product Requirements:
3rd generation Apple iPods

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that all
owners have one thing in common; they want to protect their device from
unsightly scratches and noticeable wear. I think we all know that the number one
way to protect an iPod, is with a case. Yes, I know that every device ships with
a slip case, but does anyone really use those things? Not I… Many users out
there, look for something unique to protect their expensive music player. The
latest iPod case to show up in my mailbox, is the PodSleevz from
RadTech. Available in 6 colors, the
PodSleevz is a play through case for all 3rd generation iPods.

When I first saw the PodSleevz on their website, I thought it was another
rubber type case, similar to the
that I had reviewed from SpeckProducts. But when it arrived in the mail, I was
surprised to see it packaged in a tube…

Opening the tube revealed what looked like a felt slip case with a sewn in
vinyl window.

Upon reading the included info sheet, I found out that the material was not
felt at all, but a material called Optex. Optex is a synthetic super-microfiber
containing over 1 million fibers per square inch. The material is very soft,
almost like suede or a chamois cloth. At only .8mm thick and weighing only
4grams, this case adds almost nothing to your iPod in the way of bulk.

Inserting the iPod into the case gave me the feeling that I was putting
pajamas on my music player. Yeah, I know… I’m insane… Putting the case on,
requires a bit of wiggling and tugging. But once it is in place, the PodSleevz
is snug and form fitting. The iPod will not fall out of the case accidentally.
The clear vinyl window lines up perfect with the iPod’s display. Viewing the
information through the window is clear and sharp. It is as if it wasn’t even
there in the first place.

The PodSleevz is a play through case. This is evident, given that the front
of the case has debossed menu buttons and a navigation wheel. I was skeptical
that I’d be able to use the iPod’s feather touch controls while in this case.
I’m happy to report that the material has very little effect on the controls!
That said, I think the menu buttons require just a slightly harder tap, and the
navigation wheel feels just a bit ‘different’. It’s not slower using the
navigation wheel, it’s just that sometimes my finger skips on the non slippery
debossed surface of the wheel. I’m being super picky though, the case really
does not inhibit using the iPod in any way.

The top of the iPod is exposed while inside the PodSleevz. This allows for
easy access to the hold switch, and earphone / remote jack.

The bottom of the PodSleevz has a perforated area that you can remove to
allow for access to the dock connector. Unfortunately, you can not dock the iPod
while it is in this case. Believe me, I tried… but it just won’t fit.

Overall, the PodSleevz does one thing very well, it protects your iPod from
scratches and smudges. What it won’t do is protect your iPod against drops. The
material is just too thin, and doesn’t offer anything in the way of shock

As far as style, I will be honest with you, the PodSleevz has a definite
‘home brew’ feel to me. Except for the debossed menu buttons and navigation
wheel, it looks like something my mom could have whipped up on her sewing
machine. Although I wouldn’t be embarrassed to use the PodSleevz with my iPod,
it isn’t the style of case that I would personally pick for myself. However,
this is the first case that I grabbed when my 10yr old niece saw my iPod and
wanted to take it for a test drive. Putting it in the PodSleevz allowed me to
hand my expensive music player over to her, without worrying that she might ‘do
something’ to it.


Price: $19.95

Play through case

Looks slightly ‘home brew’
Won’t protect against drops
Doesn’t fit in dock


Product Information

  • Play through case
  • Inexpensive
  • Looks slightly 'home brew'
  • Won't protect against drops
  • Doesn't fit in dock

7 thoughts on “RadTech PodSleevz iPod Case Review”

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  2. Julie,
    Re. your comment: “Yes, I know that every device ships with a slip case, but does anyone really use those things?”

    FYI, my 10 gb 3rd Gen iPod did not come with a case. I bought one separately and actually use it…mostly with my iTrip in the car. At home I typically do not use a case. When out and about I use the slip case to carry my iPod to the gym or ski slope — for these I use a neoprene belt case. So yes, someone does use the Apple slip case…it works for me. -Roy

  3. Thanks for the review. I was wondering how easy you considered it to remove the ipod from this case. I don’t think I will charge my ipod in case so that leaves cases like the exo skin out for me. How hard would it be for me to take the case off for charging and docking?

  4. Originally posted by Julie

    It’s very easy to remove the case when you want to sync/charge with the dock. [/B]

    Thanks, you just made RadTech a purchase.

  5. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I wanted to make sure how I felt about the product. RadTech scores really high when it comes to customer service. They shipped my case the same day I ordered.
    The case took a little getting used and need to be broken in but I love it. It’s nice having a black ipod that can’t be scratched.
    Buying an ipod led to my buying an ibook. Buying the ipod sleeve will lead to my buying an ibook sleeve.

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