Julie’s Gear Diary – 2003-03-30

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It's time for me to upgrade my desktop PC. I've had this current home-built Athlon 800mhz system for going on 4yrs now. I kicked around the idea of buying a nice desktop replacement notebook and using it, but I've changed my mind and want to stick with a regular desktop type system. The reasoning there is that the system will be powered on 24/7, and it will be the network server and internet server (Direcway satellite) for my network. I think a desktop will function much better than a notebook for these tasks. Now for the important part… I want as quiet a computer as possible. My current one is annoyingly loud. I'm talking jet engine loud. I think I have 5 fans in it! I'd also like a compact system instead of my current mega tower (I was going thru a bigger is better stage when I built it). I've been looking at Shuttle systems and Little PC systems. What are some other ideas for quiet machines that happen to look really cool too?

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