E&B Dell Axim Slipper Case Review

Product Requirements:
Dell Axim Pocket PC

After receiving a Dell Axim for Christmas, I
have been searching for a quality, dependable case for my new Pocket PC. Well,
the search is over and the case is from E&B
, makers of quality PDA cases.

After nearly two weeks from my order date, my E&B Slipper Axim case finally
arrived. First off, there are two versions, a regular Slipper case for $36.95
plus S&H, and a Slipper case with a belt clip for $41.95 plus S&H. I am
reviewing the regular version.

When I first took it out of its packaging, I fell in love with it. It is
crafted with very high quality Nappa cowhide leather. The case is very soft and
has that oh-so-great smell of new leather.

The Slipper Axim case has the “EB” symbol on the front only. It is closed
using a magnetic strip and when opening it up, there are two slots for
money/credit cards/business cards, two SD/MMC card slots, and an all-purpose
miscellaneous slot, which I use for my CF cards. Since the closure method uses a
magnet, it is a good idea NOT to place credit cards in the card slots. The
magnet in the flap could damage them.

[There are 2 slots for business cards and money, 2 slots for SD/MMC cards,
and a multipurpose slot]

The case fits the Axim perfectly and is very secure. I don’t think it’s
possible for it to fall out of the case. All of the buttons on the front are
easily accessible and can all be easily pushed while in the case (except for the
power button which takes a bit of practice to get used to.) Thankfully, there is
no strip of leather between the buttons and the screen. On the bottom of the
case are holes cut out for the power cord and sync cable to plug into. The left
side has openings for the reset button, record button, scroll wheel, and the
SD/MMC card slot. Another neat feature is that when closed, the top of the case
has a small hole for headphones to plug into so you can easily listen to MP3’s
while the case is closed.

[As you can see, the case fits the Axim very well]

The case provides protection for the front, back, top and bottom, and both
sides of the PDA. My Axim has survived numerous drops onto concrete while in
this case. The magnetic strip holding the case closed is very strong so that it
cannot accidentally open.

There are three problems with the case that I have found:

1) You cannot put the Axim in the cradle while in the case.
2) It is kind of hard to insert SD cards in the two storage slots in the cover
of the case. Also, after finally inserting them, they are hard to remove.
3) Anything put in the miscellaneous slot usually goes too far back into the

Other than that, I highly recommend this case for anybody who wants something
that gives full protection and easy access to everything on their Axim.

Now for the specs:
Axim in the case:
Length: 5 1/8”
Width: 3 1/8”
Height: 1 ¼” (closed) 1” (open)

Just the Axim:
Length: 4 ¾”
Width: 3”
Height: ¾”

***All measures approximate***


Price: $36.95 for regular, $41.95 for belt-clip


High quality, soft leather
Pretty cheap compared to Vaja cases (36.95 for regular, 41.95 for belt clip)
Tightly holds the Axim
Room for memory cards and business cards/money
Easy access to ALL buttons

Can’t put the Axim in the cradle while in the case
Takes some practice to get SD cards in and out
Most anything you put in the misc. slot goes too far back

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