Usually, I write about a specific product in my news stories and reviews for The Gadgeteer. But recently I came across a website that blew me away with their models. The Little Planet Factory builds models of our solar system including realistic meteors (or small bodies as they are listed on the web page). These… Read More

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Most people may think that a 94 yr old can't possibly have new ideas, especially when it comes to technology. But John Bannister Goodenough is poised to change the world - again. Goodenough who is a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at the University of Texas at Austin invented the lithium-ion battery with… Read More

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The Geosafari Adventure Pens from Educational Insights promote curiosity, exploration, a love of science, discovery and an early appreciation for unusual pens. There are three different pocket-sized pens that have been designed to let your little scientist go out into the world to collect and study specimens from Land, Light, and Water. The Land Adventure… Read More

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Hey, look! It's a beetle with a backpack! An electronic backpack. Cool. But why does he have this backpack? Well, in an effort to better understand the musculature of insect locomotion, scientists and engineers from the University of California Berkeley and Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) strapped on tiny computers and wireless radio controls to… Read More

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