If you like darts or like to play board games, the KOOBA magnetic dart game is the next game for you to try. KOOBA is a game of physical skill similar to darts except that you use a pair of sticks to launch magnetic projectiles, called Aeros, at a wall-mounted game board. The Aeros stick [...]

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If I had unlimited funds and unlimited space, my gadget cave would be chock full of all sorts of geeky toys like these super cool Celtic dice from eondesigner, a designer on the Shapeways site. If you're not familiar with Shapeways, it's a marketplace site where 3D modelers can have their designs created and offered [...]

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Liber Primus Games has announced a follow up to its debut gamebook app Narborion Saga. Narborion Saga Book II: The God of Orcs is a tabletop style roleplaying choose your destiny game which you can play on your Android or Kindle fire tablets (an iOS version is in the works). The God of Orcs continues [...]

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I can only play so many rounds of Candy Crush before my brain feels like it is going to implode from boredom. Words with Friends is usually my go to game when I need a little break from work, but lately I've been trying to find another solo game that is easy to play, doesn't require [...]

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We are a family who loves board games.  Every night we attempt to play something as a family (mom, dad and Joey, age 8).  Today we've added Tic Stac Toe to our library of games.   As the name implies, Tic Stac Toe is a three-dimensional twist on the classic "tic tac toe".   It's [...]

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I've heard of people who make little photo books for their young children that contain pictures of their family members who live far away.  The child may not see Grammy very often, but she'll be familiar with Grammy's face from looking at the photo album and talking with her parents about the pictures as they [...]

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Although I've only played foosball once or twice so far in my life, I want this Classic Match Foosball iPad accessory from New Potato Tech because it looks like it would be a lot of fun. Up to 4 people can play at once using eight functional 2-axis control bars and real scoring markers at each end. [...]

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There's a plethora of plugin Android devices for televisions these days, but GameStick has concentrated on taking on the gaming consoles market with their GameStick Kickstarter project.  Rather than just another Android-OS-on-a-stick experience, the GameStick is all about playing your Android games on the big screen. The plugin stick integrates into the supplied Bluetooth controller [...]

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If you still enjoy playing card games with real cards, Bicycle is now offering decks of Silver Steampunk cards. These Victorian-esque playing cards feature artwork that blends the past with the future in a really cool sci-fi type vibe. The decks are made in the USA, are priced at $5.99 each and feature a silver [...]

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To celebrate 25 billion downloads, the Google Play Store is having a sale for the next 5 days: "Every day you'll be able to choose from a collection of apps from some of the world's top developers including Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Rovio, runtastic, Full Fat and more. And all for just 25 cents. "We'll also be offering [...]

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One of my favourites games of all time is Mario Kart, and I've played it on every Nintendo console system released so far. Well Nintendo has  just announced release schedules and pricing for their new Wii U, another platform for me to get my Karting fix. Their new console will be available in two versions; the White [...]

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If you're a fan of The Big Bang Theory like I am, you may remember when Sheldon was trying to create a 3-person chess game.  I'm betting this one doesn't have all the whimsical pieces and rules that Sheldon's game has (popes with jet packs, catapulting gorillas, and beekeepers), but it certainly takes up less [...]

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From Wow Stuff in the UK, the self proclaimed "Greatest Toy in the Universe" has now been named the Attacknid. Battle against your friends or enemies with this six-legged, multi-directional, remote control robot.  With customisable armour and weapons, knock your opponents armour off,  hit 'em three times, and they'll be assimilated. Smyth's Toys in the [...]

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A couple of years ago, Julie told us about the Mindflex game from Mattel.  It's a "a mental acuity game where you use your thoughts to move a ball through an obstacle course."  Now Mattel is offering the Mindflex Duel so you can go head-to-head (pardon the expression) against your friends.  There are five game [...]

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A company named Royal Jumbo has created the iPawn board games that you play on your iPad.  There are four games available now - Snakes and Ladders, Game of Goose (shown), Air Hockey, and the Fishing Game.  You buy a set of playing pieces and download a free app for your iPad.  The pieces are [...]

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The Rovio folks are at it again....they have just released their most recent holiday version of Angry Birds Seasons. First was Halloween, then Christmas, and now Valentine's Day. A quote from their website (says it all):  Hogs And Kisses for Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the Valentine’s Day spirit of love and affection by popping more pigs! [...]

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Develop your control of The Force with the Jedi Mind Control Game from Hammacher Schlemmer.  The game has a headset with sensors for your forehead and ears that "translate your brain's energy into a wireless signal that is sent to the game's base station".  Your steady concentration sends signals to adjust the speed of the [...]

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LOOPZ from Mattel looks like a cross between a Simon game for the 21st century and a fun new musical instrument similar to one that I saw at the International Toy Fair this past February. First of all it's a memory game that challenges you to repeat patterns of light and music by waving your [...]

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Ultimate Hangman from Ensena Soft is a fun version of the old word-guessing game that you can play on your iPod touch or iPhone.   When you miss letters, animations show a little stick man growing more agitated as he gets more complete - and closer to hanging.  If you don't want to watch the little [...]

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You know what's missing from your iPhone?  According to the team at Sega, that would be a hedgehog, dolphin, and dragon-riding dwarf.  And their remedy happens to be a new iPhone application (aptly titled the "Ultimate Genesis Collection") that turns your iPhone/iPod touch into a virtual Sega console.  Fans of old Sega titles such as [...]

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