iPads, Netflix, and video games

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NEWS – I learned something new this week for my favorite gadget, my iPad, so I thought I’d share it with you.  I have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, a gadget that is all about content consumption.  I watch movies and TV shows with it, typically by using the Netflix app.  I also enjoy playing casual video games on it; two of my favorites over the years have been Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey.  Recently I learned that video game producer Snowman released the newest iteration of the Alto series, Laya’s Horizon.  The original games were side scrollers, but this new one is 3D.  Normally at this point, I would head over to Apple’s App Store and buy the game, but then I learned something interesting about this game:  It’s available exclusively for Netflix members, and it’s free!

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On my iPad, I opened the Netflix app.  In between the rows of movies and shows there was a row for games, and Laya’s Horizon was first in line.  I selected it and then selected the option to “Get Game.”  I clicked “Go to Apple Store” and then downloaded it like any other game.  Once that was done, I started it like any other game.  It asked me who was playing based upon our Netflix files, so I selected myself.  At that point, I was in the game.  All for free!  How cool is that!  Thanks, Netflix!  If you’re interested in learning more about this game, 9to5Mac has a good review.

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  2. This works for Android also, though I do not see how to list all the games available on their own page, it jut seems to show them on the homepage.

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