Candygrams is a great new fun crossword game

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NEWS – For a little over a year, our family has enjoyed a great word game, unlike many that are played today. Why is it different? Well, it is not an online game, and it is not a board game*, and it is for people of different spelling skill levels, but not everyone has to be at the same level. Oh, and it’s perfect for Valentine’s. Give up? It’s Candygrams.

Candygrams ($24.99 for 2-4 players ages 7+) is a unique twist on a word game like Scrabble or Upwords. While Candygrams is similar to these games because it has tiles of letters, that is about where the similarities end. The tiles in Candygrams are color-coded and correspond to two color-coded dice rolled each turn. There are two ways to play: standard and express.

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In Standard Candygrams, each player starts with 25 letter tiles (candies) and builds their own crossword by connecting and intersecting words. In each round, everyone connects one new word to their own crossword, matching the “color combo” rolled by the dice. The first player to use all of their candies wins.

In Express Candygrams, the game starts similarly, but It’s a race between all players to build a word after each roll of the dice. The first player to make a word announces their word but then immediately rolls the dice for a new color combo. The winner is the first player to use all of their candies.

For more information, a short instructional video can be viewed here.

This game can be played wherever there is a flat surface for each player (it does not need to be a shared flat surface). The quick gameplay means that players don’t need to dedicate a long time to play. But, in my experience, play will continue for many consecutive games.

Candygrams has earned ten awards from game experts and educators and has received numerous accolades from educators and parents. Personally, I think it is a great game that is fun to play with different ages and abilities. If you are looking for a new game that is fun for the whole family, try Candygrams.

Candygrams can be purchased at and Amazon.

Candygrams retail cost is $24.99.

A sample of this game was provided by Candygrams.

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