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About a year ago, I was in a collision caused by a driver who suddenly turned in front of me. I took a lot of pictures, one of which eventually proved that I was not at fault, but a dash cam such as the Yada Dash Road Cam HD would have given the insurance company [...]

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Let me start by saying that until I had this system installed, I had never once thought that I would ever want or need a Dashcam.  After several weeks using this ZeroEdge Dual-lens Car Camera , I am very happy that I accepted this opportunity to review this item (and had it professionally installed).  The [...]

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Dash cams are one of those gadgets that you setup and forget about until something happens that makes you glad that you have one.  Why would you be glad to have a dash cam? They can be useful for insurance purposes if you have an accident. They might capture something that you would ordinarily never [...]

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Garmin GDR33 dash cam review

garmin GDR33-01

Dash cams can be pretty useful, or even capture some interesting footage, but consumers are faced with a motley assortment of brands you've probably never heard of before.  Garmin is a name synonymous with quality GPS units, so this time I get to check out the Garmin GDR33 Dash Cam.  Does the Garmin name live up [...]

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"But officer, he caused the accident, not me. Really, I swear!" Although you may be telling the truth, you need evidence to back up your claims when it comes to traffic accidents. One way to do that is with a dashcam. Dashcams are windshield mounted cameras that automatically record everything you see out of your [...]

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It's a cloudless night with a full moon and you're driving along a deserted road in the middle of nowhere with thick forest on both sides of the road. With the windows rolled down you can hear your tires crunching over the gravel as you drive slowly. The sound almost puts you into a trance but [...]

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Although I don't consider myself a dashcam expert, after reviewing three of these devices, I think I have a good idea which features make a dashcam stand out from the crowd. The LyfeLens dashcam looks to be the ultimate dashcam in terms of features. At least it looks great on paper. The LyfeLens features dual-facing [...]

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I'm a little obsessed with trying to find the best dashcam for my car. I'm relatively new to this type of gadget and have only reviewed two different units in the past year (see related links below). The latest dashcam that I've been testing is the VicoVation Vico-Marcus 4 dashcam. This one caught my eye because [...]

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Mounted on your windshield, dash cams are small video cameras that have been designed to record what you see as you drive. Whether it captures that near miss with the deer that ran across the road in front of your car, a collision with another vehicle or maybe just a scenic drive, these cameras are both handy [...]

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02) The Papgo Unit

I loved watching that footage of the giant meteor that broke up over Chelyabinsk, Russia.  It was caught by dozens of people, from every conceivable angle.  Were they waiting for it to show up?  Heck, no, no one knew it was on its way.  The Russians are big fans of car dash cams to protect [...]

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I don't know about where you live, but where I am in Columbus, Indiana, people have horrible driving skills. I constantly see people run red lights and cut in front of you with little to no time to brake. I've often thought that I should consider buying a dash cam to use an insurance policy [...]

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In my seemingly never-ending quest for a decent dash cam, I had the opportunity to review the Papago! P2Pro Dash Cam.  It may seem like another dash cam with an LCD screen, but the P2 Pro includes GPS, Lane Departure Warning and Collision Warning as well.  How do they do that? I was a little [...]

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Blackvue DR550GW-2CH-01

Not too long ago I tested the cylinder-shaped, wifi-enabled Pittasoft BlackVue DR5000GW-HD dash cam.  Now there's a new model that adds a secondary camera for those rear-facing shots.  Pittasoft calls it the BlackVue DR550GW-2CH, available September 2013.  Let's take a look. Click on images for an enlarged view (where applicable). Once you open the box, it [...]

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I've been experimenting with different car dash cams since I discovered that the GoPro cameras don't feature an auto-record-upon-power-up function.  The last dash cam I reviewed was the Pittasoft BlackVue DR5000GW-HD, and before that, the DashCam Dually in 2010 (see related links for reviews of these products).  I thought the BlackVue DR5000GW-HD did a pretty [...]

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Since my review of the Dash Cam Dually in 2010, I've had my eyes open for a quality in-car video recorder that wasn't so large.  The Pittasoft BlackVue DR500GW-HD car camera is a tube-shaped device that promises to be just that, and it's packed with some interesting features. (Click on any image for larger size) [...]

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Unboxing time!  Box contents include SD card, USB card reader, 12V power cord, instructions and mouting hardware.

Ever been in a hit and run accident?  Well I have.  I made a left turn and I noticed a white Honda Civic with a giant whale tail spoiler closing in fast from my right.  "That car isn't gonna stop for the light" I thought to myself.  I slammed on the brakes but it was [...]

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