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There's no need to travel all the way to Oz to get a brain like Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz did. You can turn your "unintelligent" car into a smart car just by plugging in Autobrain. If you have a car from 1995 or later, you and your family can benefit from this monitoring… Read More

We live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas where most of the homes have only two car garages instead of three that you might find elsewhere (and they're tiny too - first world problems). Because our garage is so small, we are forced to park one of our cars in the driveway, which means… Read More

The Kehan Dash Cam, model C891N, is a very good camera. It's too bad I can't love it. The picture and sound quality are excellent. The dash cam is easy to install, as long as you are willing and able to wedge the included cable between the windshield and car interior and can contort yourself to secure… Read More

  The dash cam market is a crowded place.  It's so crowded, I've kind of given up on searching for "the best".  Recently, Waylens released a dash cam called the Horizon that not only boasts excellent image quality but gives the driver the option to overlay vehicle information such as speed, RPM, GPS and more, all… Read More

Just Mobile has released a few new products for shipment in December that look nicer than average gadget accessories.  The HeadStand Avant is a beautiful looking headphone hanger for your favorite cans. The AluCharge is a nice multi-port USB charger that is very slim and sleek, that can charge up to four USB devices at once. … Read More

This year I have reviewed my fair share of dashcams. They seem to have finally made their way to the mainstream US market and I believe that is a good thing. Cause a picture (or video in this case) is definitely worth a thousand words especially in an accident. Several of these dashcams were from VicoVation… Read More

Roav may be a weird name, but it could become a household word if accessory maker Anker has its way. Anker’s goal for the Roav smart driving system is to help you drive smarter while keeping you safe using connected devices made for any car. The Dashtop computer, Roav Cam, and Roav Guard monitors the… Read More

Back in July, I had the opportunity to review a first generation Automatic car adapter. The original version worked fine except that I had some Bluetooth audio issues with my phone (Nexus 6P). Today I will be telling you about the third gen version of this device - the Automatic Pro 3G car adapter. Let's see if… Read More

Last month I reviewed the VicoVation OPIA2, a high end, 2K "Extreme" HD, Ultra High Dynamic Range (UHDR) dashcam with a more than solid feature set. The Vico-MF2 is VicoVation's more moderately priced, mid-range dashcam with the same stellar resolution and more built-in features out of the box for approximately half the price. Let's see… Read More

Here at the Gadgeteer we review lots of car chargers.  I mean lots.  All shapes and sizes.  But the Nonda Zus car charger is different.  We all know how anemic standard car lighter charging ports can be, right?  I have long since given up on them and in fact, the last 3 cars I have purchased had… Read More

Officially licensed by Star Wars and Disney, these Star Wars themed air fresheners have been designed to clip to your car's air vent slats so air flowing out of the vents and through Darth Vader's or the  Stormtrooper's head will help make any funky smells in your car quickly vanish. Only real Star Wars collectible… Read More

A phone is a most useful thing in a car. It also can be a dangerous distraction. The balance between the two can be as simple as a secure and properly placed mount. The Square Jellyfish Jelly-Grip Car Vent mount provided that balance for me. It provides a secure, visible and easy place for my… Read More

Most phone or GPS mounts for your car tend to be your standard windshield mount type but sometimes you may not favor them on your windshield since it may get in the way of your view. The Vantrue M1 Car Mount Holder not only can be used on your windshield but can also be attached on… Read More

Like surveillance systems, dashcams are the type of device that once installed and configured, the hope is that you never need to use/access its video footage. But you never know when you are going to be in or witness an accident or other noteworthy happenstance while driving. While popular around the world, dashcams are slowly gaining popularity here in… Read More

Every summer we read tragic stories about children dying from heat-related causes when their parents or caretakers forgot them in the backseat of their car. According to the company Rear View Safety, 29 children have died from vehicular heatstroke in 2016. Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside of a car can reach 125… Read More