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If you’ve owned any of Creative’s Sound Blaster Roar Bluetooth speakers, you know that they put out amazing sound for their size and their price. However, the latest iRoar version is not the bargain the earlier Roar speakers are. It’s use of premium materials and upgraded audio has placed it on another level—right up there… Read More

I stopped trying to keep up with Braven ages ago. Just when you think this prolific portable speaker company couldn’t come up with any more speakers—Wham! They deliver a completely new line of speakers. I’m surprised, but I shouldn’t be. Lately, Braven has been concentrating on the outdoor market by offering tough and waterproof, yet… Read More

Anything that the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot can do, FABRIQ can do too. FABRIQ is a standalone Bluetooth speaker that comes in three eye-catching colors. The speaker is Wifi enabled for multi-room streaming, offers 5 hours of play time per charge and has Alexa-enabled features. When you tap the mic button, you can ask… Read More

Sandworms.  Admiral Ackbar. Dual-lens Camera. These are a few of the things folks said this Bluetooth speaker looks like. I thought the speaker market was nearing its endpoint with different designs, but this tubular doughnut came out of nowhere. SumSonic calls it the LLX-01 - which is not helpful in imagining what it looks like. But, the… Read More

If your smartphone is your only phone and you no longer have a landline, you should look into a device like the Invoxia NVX 200 docking station. First of all, it's a universal phone charging dock as long as you don't have a smartphone with a USB Type-C connector. Micro USB, Apple Lightning connector and… Read More

With all the Braven Bluetooth speakers I’ve reviewed, I’m amazed how each speaker has its own “personality” in both how it handles and sounds. Some Braven speakers excel in bass, some are more tuned for vocals. You might think that they would strive for a similar sound signature across their speaker line, but I’m now… Read More

It’s always interesting to see high-end audio companies enter the world of portable speakers. They almost always up the game by bringing a level of quality and detail that cheaper companies sometimes miss. Oppo Digital is known for their planar magnetic headphones and have branched out by introducing the Sonica Wi-Fi speaker system. It’s called… Read More

Monster got its start making expensive audio cables before teaming with Dr. Dre to make Beats headphones. When that relation soured, Monster and Beats went their separate ways and well, we know what happened—Beats were bought by Apple and Monster continued making headphones under their own name. Then, Monster entered the huge portable Bluetooth speaker… Read More

I was not prepared for this.  I thought I was going to review a rugged Bluetooth speaker.  I didn't expect to unpack something that looked AND felt this rugged.  This is the DreamWave Tremor- probably the only Bluetooth speaker I've tried that could double as a battering ram. When you're a Gadgeteer, you see a… Read More

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to review the VAVA Voom Bluetooth speaker. While reviewing it, I found it was a nice speaker, but had a few issues that kept it from reaching greatness. VAVA recently released their newest speaker, the Voom 20. According to VAVA, the Voom 20 "seeks to redefine… Read More

You might think that after reviewing the ginormous Braven BRV-XXL, it would be a letdown following that up with a review of the much, much smaller BRV-1M speaker. But that would be a wrong assumption. Yes, the BRV-XXL sounds better—a lot better than the BRV-1M. So what? It ought to—it’s over ten times bigger and… Read More

Say what you will about Creative Labs; they sure know how to milk a product line. In 2014, I reviewed the Creative Roar Bluetooth speaker and fell in love with its ability to sound as good as the current (at the time) portable Bose speakers at a fraction of the price. Yeah, it had some… Read More

Just when I finished reviewing the huge Braven BRV-XXL, they released the smallest of the Braven family; the Braven 105 Active. The 105 is made for just that—an active lifestyle. While you could conceivably get more exercise jogging while carrying  the 18 lb. BRV-XXL, it’s obviously not practical—and just plain weird. The Braven 105, however… Read More

Every so often a product comes out that sounds in theory like a great idea but in practice it unfortunately falls short. Soundbars have been a staple ever since LCD TV's replaced plasma TV's. Why? The sound quality on LCD TV's are terrible due to their ultra thin design. When I first read the details of the… Read More

I’m getting tired of repeating myself, but here goes: Braven speakers make some of the best speakers I’ve reviewed, blah, blah, blah. With all the Braven reviews I’ve written, it’s beginning to sound trite, but it is true. Over the past few years, I’ve watched Braven evolve from a maker of the really good small… Read More