I'm a big Star Trek fan and always wished that the holodeck was a real thing instead of a fantasy created for a TV show. The idea of being able to walk into a different world with a flip of a button sounds so cool. Imagine being able to visit the Sydney Opera House in [...]

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This new project, recently launched on Kickstarter, should look a little familiar to any kid of the 80s.  Taking inspriration from the design of a ViewMaster and the technology behind sterographic images, Poppy is a lightweight, low cost peripheral for the iPhone that will let you produce and view 3D stills and video. Poppy works with [...]

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Watching movies in 3D is becoming commonplace these days and playing video games in 3D isn't far behind in popularity. But what about mundane every day activities like catching up on your Facebook news? Do you think 3D would make those activities more fun or easier? LG Netherlands has created the LG 3D Studio to [...]

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This is another Kickstarter project.  The Manifold Clock is a wall-mounted clock with a 30" sweep.  The hour and minute hands are joined with a flexible sheet that forms a changing 3-D shape.  This "combination of simple mechanics and modern design is based on the mathematical notion of Riemann surfaces, derived from the log(z) function."  [...]

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Sony HMD 3D glasses

First seen at CES 2011, Sony Websites around the world are now showing the HMZT1 Personal 3D View Head Mounted Display for preorder.  Using dual OLED HD screens , virtual 5.1 Surround Sound and TruBlack displays, the headset's designed to immerse you into movies and games in the intimacy of your own personal cinema. "Get the equivalent of [...]

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3D printing is a form of manufacturing technology where three dimensional objects are created by laying down successive layers of material. Industrial 3D printers are available but aren't the cheapest item around. The  Makerbot Thing-O-Matic is an an open source 3D printer for substantially less. Using a 3D CAD program and plastic filament you can [...]

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Samsung Electronics Australia  announced the local availability of its new range of powerful and stylish edge-lit LED monitors, the 3D capable SA 9 series, Smart Hub enabled TA9 Series as well as their CA5 Central Station Monitor. The SA 9 is available in 23 and 27" configurations, full HD with  3D playback from a wide [...]

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Using auto-stereoscopic display technology, the new Toshiba Qosmio F755 3D laptop will be the first laptop on the market that is able to display glasses-free 3D and 2D content at the same time on the same screen. Users will have the option to watch 3D content in full-screen or condense it into a smaller window [...]

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My best buddy Bill of iPhotosports.com sent me a link this morning telling me that I needed to check out Ortery Photosmilie systems so that I could take my product review images to the next level. Ortery's multi-dimensional imaging tools allow you to take 360 degree 3D images and videos of products. They offers several [...]

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I've yet to watch a 3D movie (I don't count The Creature from the Black Lagoon which I saw a bazillion years ago with the Red and Blue cardboard glasses). I wanted to go see Avatar, but thought the 3D glasses at the theater probably would not fit over my prescription glasses. That's why I [...]

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