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photosimile e1295616269453My best buddy Bill of iPhotosports.com sent me a link this morning telling me that I needed to check out Ortery Photosmilie systems so that I could take my product review images to the next level. Ortery’s multi-dimensional imaging tools allow you to take 360 degree 3D images and videos of products. They offers several models that include animated light boxes with built in turn tables and special TruView 3D image capture software for PC and Mac. The Ortery Photosmilie 5000 even includes a Canon EOS Rebel XS and lens. I was thinking hmmmmm, this really could be cool to add 3D rotating images to my reviews – that is till I saw the price! The Ortery Photosmilie 5000 is $22,000 through B&H Photo. At that price I think I’ll buy one for everyone on The Gadgeteer team 😉 Not. I guess I’ll just stick with the same homebrew macro photography setup that I’ve been using for years.

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  2. Apparently this came on the scene at CES in 2008. At that time it was Windows only, so I am curious to read in your article that it is now Mac compatible. If true, then it is worth some consideration. But one look at the price — $22,000 — and most will turn around and walk away laughing. This gizmo is neat in “concept” but it’s not worth even 1/4 of its asking price.

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