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Barbarian - 1

I'm not much of a drink mixer. I like cocktails, but don't do much mixing myself. Part of the reason is that, other than a knife, a shot glass, and a corkscrew, I really don't have many of the tools needed to make those fun concoctions. But, as an intrepid gadgeteer, I knew we shouldn't [...]

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Arina - 5

Bluetooth speakers are all over the map, it seems. You can get small ones that recharge, large ones that have battery or plugin power options, weatherproof, multi-speaker, and ornate ones that try to blend in to your more formal living areas. Firmly in that latter category, the Arina, from Muemma, is both a Bluetooth speaker [...]

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CaseMade - 1

The iPad Pro (12.9") is a bold move for Apple. Being a huge, thin slab of glass, and being a bit heavier than previous versions of the popular tablet means that damage from that ever-present enemy of all things technical - gravity - is a potential issue that needs to be taken into consideration. CaseMade [...]

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TashtegoRollup - 3

Packing for travel is a pain sometimes. You need clothes, various charging cables, and, of course, your toiletries. I generally pack fewer items in this category than my Lovely Bride, since I'm willing to wash my hair with whatever soap is available and use one lotion for skin, hair, and face. (Coconut oil is wonderful!) [...]

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ElecloverWatchStand - 10

Face it, if you're using an Apple Watch, you're going to need to charge it on a regular basis. As in daily. And, like many other devices, most of us want to charge our watches where we want, not "have to" go to a certain location. To facilitate charging on the go, the folks at [...]

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Hello, my name is Smythe, and I'm a bag-a-holic. I know I've come to the right group, because you all have far more bags than you can use in a month, don't you? Well, my current bag habit has brought me a bag from veteran bag makers Brenthaven, in their Collins line of messenger bags. [...]

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TheDuke - 8

Standing desks have been around for years, but they are making a comeback, due to some recent studies. The studies revolved around the dangers of sitting for prolonged periods. I've recently seen news reports of schools that are replacing traditional desks with standing desks, and the energizing effect they've had on students. So, with my [...]

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When you want a truly fast network connection, nothing beats a wired connection. The only issue with that is, traditionally, you either have to cut into walls and woodwork, or you have to leave wiring exposed and lying about. There is a third way, however - Power-line Communication. "Power-line communication (PLC) is a communication protocol [...]

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LifestanceSolarLight - 9

I'm a big fan of LED technology. I have replaced many of the bulbs in my home with them, as well as all my flashlights. One place I've not upgraded to the brighter, more energy-efficient tech has been in the outdoor lights around my home. When we were offered the chance to test the Lifestance [...]

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Mujjo - 3

Ah, leather! Such a nice feel, and so easy on the eyes. I have always preferred it to the various synthetics. I especially like the finishes that are less polished and lend themselves to natural wear and "character building." Recently, Mujjo has expanded their line of cases to include Apple's newest iPhones, and they offered [...]

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Spyder3n1 - 1

We all have battery chargers by now, right? Some are large, some small, some include cables to connect to phones or tablets. But one thing almost every charger I have seen has is this: you have to carry along a phone charger or a device capable of charging the battery to top it off. (It [...]

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CarvediPhone - 3

I've mentioned before that I love natural surfaces - wood, leather, and stone stir something calming and satisfying in my spirit. I have a beautiful teak dining table that I use as my desk. There's an old oak library table that used to be in my grandparents' study across the room where I have my [...]

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I've been playing acoustic guitar for more than 40 years. Same guitar, but I'm hopefully a little better for the years of practice. A decade or so ago, I had my guitar retrofitted with an internal pickup, since I was playing regularly into a sound system. Recently, however, I'm more interested in getting that sound [...]

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Qicent - 1

This is another product category that has moved from being a geeky thing to perfectly normal for people in all walks of life. In the last year, I have seen power cords and surge suppressors that have several USB plugs for charging phones or tablets in coffee shops, malls, bars, and waiting areas in healthcare [...]

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InateckHinge - 7

Cases for iPads have run the gamut, from heavy-duty armored monstrosities to the barest wisp of a cover. Many folks, unable or unwilling to retrain their typing skills to use a glass virtual keyboard, swear by their keyboard case. Inateck has made cases for iPads that include keyboards for years, and they have recently created [...]

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