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LifestanceSolarLight - 9

I'm a big fan of LED technology. I have replaced many of the bulbs in my home with them, as well as all my flashlights. One place I've not upgraded to the brighter, more energy-efficient tech has been in the outdoor lights around my home. When we were offered the chance to test the Lifestance [...]

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Mujjo - 3

Ah, leather! Such a nice feel, and so easy on the eyes. I have always preferred it to the various synthetics. I especially like the finishes that are less polished and lend themselves to natural wear and "character building." Recently, Mujjo has expanded their line of cases to include Apple's newest iPhones, and they offered [...]

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Spyder3n1 - 1

We all have battery chargers by now, right? Some are large, some small, some include cables to connect to phones or tablets. But one thing almost every charger I have seen has is this: you have to carry along a phone charger or a device capable of charging the battery to top it off. (It [...]

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CarvediPhone - 3

I've mentioned before that I love natural surfaces - wood, leather, and stone stir something calming and satisfying in my spirit. I have a beautiful teak dining table that I use as my desk. There's an old oak library table that used to be in my grandparents' study across the room where I have my [...]

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I've been playing acoustic guitar for more than 40 years. Same guitar, but I'm hopefully a little better for the years of practice. A decade or so ago, I had my guitar retrofitted with an internal pickup, since I was playing regularly into a sound system. Recently, however, I'm more interested in getting that sound [...]

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Qicent - 1

This is another product category that has moved from being a geeky thing to perfectly normal for people in all walks of life. In the last year, I have seen power cords and surge suppressors that have several USB plugs for charging phones or tablets in coffee shops, malls, bars, and waiting areas in healthcare [...]

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InateckHinge - 7

Cases for iPads have run the gamut, from heavy-duty armored monstrosities to the barest wisp of a cover. Many folks, unable or unwilling to retrain their typing skills to use a glass virtual keyboard, swear by their keyboard case. Inateck has made cases for iPads that include keyboards for years, and they have recently created [...]

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TenbaDNA13 - 1

Photography tools have changed considerably over the past fifteen years. Used to be, you had to have a large camera body, many varied lenses, and dozens of filters, flashes, and meters to capture the perfect photo. True photogs shot on film, so there needed to be a place to hold unexposed rolls and exposed rolls. [...]

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Tribe Wallet 3.0 review

TribeWallet - 4

I have been using a front pocket wallet for over a decade, but still haven't decided that the one I'm using is my ultimate. I remember a year or two back reading about the Tribe Wallet on Kickstarter, but hadn't backed it. Not sure why. When Julie offered the team the Tribe Wallet 3.0, a [...]

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LEDs are working their way into everything - vehicle headlamps, flashlights, outdoor lighting, holiday decorations, kids toys, and our light sockets. With the advent of computers in offices over the past few decades, desktop task lighting has grown and expanded, so it's only natural that the cool, low-energy, relaxing light of these devices should invade [...]

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Wouldn't it be nice if people didn't steal our stuff? You could just leave things on your table, backyard deck, or car seat, walk up to the counter for coffee or whatever, and not have to keep watch on your stuff. OK, Leave it to Beaver moment is over. Fact is, everybody is trying to grab [...]

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When I want to listen to music, I prefer over-the-ear headphones, but those are not really a good fit when out and about. I've used both of Apple's earbuds/pods that came with the iPhone's I've owned over the years, plus many others, trying to find that sweet spot of durability, good sound, and sound isolation. [...]

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Years ago, in the early days of the iPad, there were few innovators who went beyond the basics of what Apple offered in their iPad cases - the basic folded angles that propped up the iPad at two angles for video or keyboard use. One of the few case manufacturers of the era to go [...]

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We Gadgeteers love our flashlights, don't we? Small and large, piercing the darkness like a searchlight or dimly preserving our tactical night vision, we love them all. I was recently sent my first Klarus unit to test, the AR10 rechargeable flashlight. It's a pretty straightforward torch, at first glance, but there are hidden superpowers within. [...]

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Jackery - 7

I know of almost no one worth his or her Gadgeteer lifetime membership badge who doesn't have some sort of power backup for their smartphone and/or tablet. This category has exploded, along with the move from cheaper, low-quality batteries to safer, more robust, and highly focused battery packs. Jackery, Inc. has recently introduced a range [...]

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Before 2010, there were no touch-centric tablets, only laptops that had stylus-driven screens. Suddenly, when the iPad burst upon the scene and gave tablet makers permission to dream of a touch-oriented screen and apps that could be on a larger screen than a phone, the world changed. Tablets that vaguely resemble the iPad have come [...]

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Shot with DxO ONE

Recently a curious thing happened - I was given the opportunity to use an Android phone with a 5" screen, and I didn't hate it. We know Julie has a love/hate relationship with iOS, as do several others here at The Gadgeteer. I've been a bit deeper into iOS than some, having used iPhones exclusively [...]

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In a nod to the on-going increase of using iPhones for photo editing and photo management, Apple has today released a new version of their Lightning to SD reader. According to Dan Moren at Six Colors, the new cable will support all previous iPads with Lightning ports, as well as iPhones going back to the [...]

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According to the excellent AppleWorld.Today, Apple is adding a new item for in-store and online purchasing on Friday: an Apple-branded charging stand for Apple Watch. The white saucer-shaped unit will feature a flip-up charging puck, so that the user can have the Watch flat or on it's side, in order to use "Nightstand Mode". This [...]

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Okay, so you're the proud new owner of an Apple Watch. Maybe you've even acquired a second band - something a little dressier than that sport band you got with the watch itself. When you're traveling, you'll need something to carry both the charger for your watch, as well as the extra band(s) you may [...]

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I used to carry a backpack when traveling. Everywhere. I had decided that with the two laptops I used for demos (a Mac and a Windows machine, before the days of Intel Macs and virtual machines!), their chargers, hard drives for content and backup of presentations for the products I was training on, a single-shoulder [...]

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Gear Gripz review

Shot with DxO ONE

Incredibly smooth finishes on whisper-thin slabs of slick metal and glass. Gravity. Hard landing surfaces. Does this combination sound familiar? Of course it does - it's our Gadgeteer shared nightmare of dropping a piece of tech and seeing it shatter to the ground in slow motion as we're diving to the rescue. We could always [...]

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GraceDigital - 2

We've all had it happen - that shiny new gadget of yesteryear (or yestermonth, in many cases!) suddenly can't use the all new and shiny cutting edge things that all your friends are raving about. How can I play my music from across the room since my stereo doesn't have Bluetooth? Note: Photos may be [...]

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Luxa - 4

There have been many wireless cases, which add the ability to phones or tablets built without a charging system, but the folks at Luxa2 removed the case, and thus, freed up the idea of wireless charging for everything.  I've been interested in wireless charging, just hearing the smack-talk from all the users of non-iPhones here [...]

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Avantek20000mAh - 3

I saw the above cartoon on Twitter a month or so back. It shows the symbols all Gadgeteers fear: No wifi, the "waiting" pinwheel from your phone's weak processor, the flashing red battery icon, and, of course, No Cell Service. While service coverage will vary depending on geography and location, and the processing power of your [...]

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