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CoocheerHomePowerCenter - 3

So, show of hands. Who doesn't have at least one power strip active in your home? Anyone? And who doesn't have at least two USB chargers plugged into those? Again, no hands? OK, I have the right audience. Coocheer has hit the trifecta of geek power needs with their latest device, dubbed the Home Power [...]

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CarteBlanche - 1

Oops, they did it again. The nice people at Apple, with their new products and popularity, are inspiring an entire ecosystem to sprout up around Watch accessories. We've reviewed several here, and I'm sure that trend will continue. This latest charging stand that I was sent comes from Boostcase, and is a rather formidable presence. [...]

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There's a new Kickstarter campaign for something we've not seen a lot of on The Gadgeteer - a thermal flask. It's called the Kole, and is handmade from stainless steel and oak. It can hold 2.4 ounces, and hold hot espresso (4 shots!) or cool whiskey, unaffected by the atmosphere in your pocket, bike bag, [...]

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OptechSmartSling - 2

Back when our belts were bristling like Batman's utility belt and fanny packs were seen constantly, I read a humorous piece about how we male geeks carry our gear. The author was proposing that we have to have a popular, masculine person start using something before it becomes socially acceptable. No one really carried a [...]

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iCleverAppleWatchStand - 13

The Apple Watch, like most of the company's earlier products, has begun to spawn a cottage industry of paraphernalia: mostly stands, cases, and  watch bands. Since the size of the charger is the same for both the 42 mm and 38 mm models, and only slightly thicker for the plastic charger versus the stainless steel [...]

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HuahamEarbuds - 2

Earbuds are, for most folks, a commodity item. We find them in bargain bins, as freebies with most hardware, offered for free on some flights, and, I'm sure, probably in cereal boxes. I much prefer full over-the-ear cans personally, but when I'm traveling or walking, I am not a fan of the weight and heat [...]

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TruVirtuCandC - 3

I can't wait until all transactions are private, digital and use whichever device you happen to have with you. I've carried a wallet for years, and it sometimes becomes the "George Castanza" wallet of Seinfeld fame, where one more piece of paper will cause it to explode. With that in mind, when Julie offered the team [...]

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We Gadgeteers carry our phones everywhere. Even using wearable tech, we still want a phone with us, especially when we're driving. The GPS/Mapping apps and constant connectivity your phone gives you can be the difference between sitting at a confusing intersection, trying to unfold that stupid gas station map and breezing through, confident of your [...]

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SamsonGoMicDirect - 2

If you’re using your computer for any sort of sound input, you’ve probably already decided the built-in microphone is useless after more than the occasional snippet. If you’re doing voiceover for video or Skyping/FaceTiming for any kind of podcast or hangout, you need a better mic. Samson Electronics makes a full range of audio products, [...]

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UrbanArmorAviator - 9

Ah, the quandry of cases. Designers keep making phones and tablets thinner and lighter, and it sometimes seems that case manufacturers seek to make up for this by making cases stiffer, heavier, and bulkier. With my currently active phone, I started out without a case. It was the first phone I didn't immediately entomb in [...]

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Recently, I moved back to having a MacBookPro again. I had moved to an iMac, since most of my mobile stuff was being done on the iPad. Then work got me a second iMac for a lab/testing machine, and my desk got too crowded. But, of course, that means I now "have" to have a [...]

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HP_Perfection - 1

Capturing images has changed dramatically since 2007 when the iPhone brought in the expectation of having a really capable camera with you at all times. With the miniaturization of smaller image capture sensors, scanners, as well as phones, have gradually increased in processing power to the level that every office of any size will have [...]

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RAV Solar - 1

Most of us Gadgeteers either spend some time daily in places with power (for sleep, if nothing else) or have battery back-up devices that we can use to recharge our devices. But sometimes, whether we’re out on a job site, or biking, or camping for long periods, we may be “off the grid” electrically, even [...]

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Genius_Pack - 9

Have you ever stood at the baggage conveyor after a flight and wondered which black rolling bag was yours? I sure have. We have half a dozen in the attic in various sizes and weights, so when our Benevolent Gadgeteer Overlord offered the Genius Pack, I wondered if it might somehow be different. I had [...]

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Protecting the slabs of glass we carry around has become a focus of concern for the modern Gadgeteer. We have these devices - tablets, phones, phablets, whatever - and they only want to succumb to gravity and destroy themselves in a crash of broken glass and shattered dreams. So we find cases to protect these [...]

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TrackR Bravo review


The Internet of Things (IoT) is all the rage right now. Adding smart tech to an old piece of tech or something non-tech like a set of keys or a piece of luggage, however, can be a problem. Several companies have recently entered small tags that can be stuck on or clipped to one of [...]

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Securing your bike when you’re out and about is perhaps the first thing a bike owner has to confront, once they’ve bought the bike and a helmet. As soon as you arrive at the post office, drugstore, or coffee shop on your first ride, you get off, and realize you’ll have to prevent someone else [...]

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There’s a certain balancing act we Gadgeteers play with our cables. You know you do it - you have a short one for when you're using a laptop or a battery charger on a table or desk, a longer one for when you’re in a “normal” room where you can sit near the outlet, and, [...]

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I have a strong preference for over-the-ear headphones, rather than earbuds or on-ear models. I also tend to get so involved in whatever I'm listening to that I tend to walk away from the source without disconnecting. This is not good for cables or lighter music sources that are not attached to my person. So, [...]

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Exercise is a difficult thing to work into your life sometimes. Gym closings over weekends or holidays, changes in work schedules, and travel for work or pleasure can cause you to miss your workouts. Traveling with equipment more bulky than a few resistance bands and running shoes becomes quite bothersome as well. Enter the Koreball. This [...]

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