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There’s a certain balancing act we Gadgeteers play with our cables. You know you do it - you have a short one for when you're using a laptop or a battery charger on a table or desk, a longer one for when you’re in a “normal” room where you can sit near the outlet, and, [...]

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I have a strong preference for over-the-ear headphones, rather than earbuds or on-ear models. I also tend to get so involved in whatever I'm listening to that I tend to walk away from the source without disconnecting. This is not good for cables or lighter music sources that are not attached to my person. So, [...]

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Exercise is a difficult thing to work into your life sometimes. Gym closings over weekends or holidays, changes in work schedules, and travel for work or pleasure can cause you to miss your workouts. Traveling with equipment more bulky than a few resistance bands and running shoes becomes quite bothersome as well. Enter the Koreball. This [...]

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In the continuing expansion of the Bluetooth speaker market, I have noticed a few trends. There are those designed for personal, near-field listening. These boost the sound from your tablet or smartphone enough that you can hear it as a bubble around your person, but those further away hear it as tinny noise. Next, there [...]

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My iPhone is constantly giving me notifications. I chose to have this feedback, but sometimes, I have to interact with it to turn off a reminder or timer. If I'm using a case, swiping across the face requires pulling the phone out, swiping, then replacing it in the cover. Enter Moshi's Sensecover case. This cover [...]

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20 years later

Reporting on CES, NY Times columnist Farad Manjoo, in an article titled In a World of Phones, Gadgets Must Adapt, speaks to a Gadgeteer's greatest fear: getting a gadget that is no longer needed because of being subsumed by your phone. I saw this meme-type photo the other day and this story reminded me of it. I [...]

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I've not seen the need to get a security camera. I neither live in a huge, obviously-full-of-expensive-things home, nor in one of “those” areas where break-ins are common. But I do have this cute little dog, and when I'm gone, I often wonder just what he's up to - when he's not sleeping in his [...]

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In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, I have some news for you: there’s this thing called fitness bands (or activity trackers or wearables, depending on what your angle is), and it’s everywhere. Julie has collected the entire set, I believe. She has also offered the team several, so, [...]

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As an iPad user, I am always interested in seeing what new covers and sleeves are available. I especially like the "non-form-fitting" sleeves, so that I can use them with other covers, backing cases, etc. Such is the Lorton and Horn iPad sleeve. Note: Photos may be tapped or clicked for a larger image. Made [...]

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In an ever more-crowded field, PhoneSuit has released an interesting charger for iPhones, iPads and iPods. It's not a big brick to plug your official cable into, but a svelte little tube that connects directly to your device and provides about a full charge. I was sent two for review, in black and a deep [...]

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Bluetooth speakers are everywhere. I've seen them in the grocery store line, at convenience stores - everywhere but gum ball machines and neighborhood lemonade stands. Many are OK for listening to podcasts or ball games when you're on a bike ride or park or something, but if you want something to stand up to the [...]

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I've been an Apple product user since 1987, and wear that badge with honor. So I've never really used Android more than just flicking around on demo models in stores or using a friend’s device. That's why, when Julie offered this unit to the team, I thought I'd take it for a test spin. What [...]

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I've reviewed many portable power options, as well as a dock or two, but this is a first, and something that we may see more of: it's a USB charger for up to ten devices! Talk about Nerd Nirvana! It's from a company called Sanrao, who makes industrial-grade USB chargine stations for testing labs and [...]

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There's a new-ish technology being used in many items, and I'm kinda digging it. It's the microsuction tech being used by case and stand makers for securing items to smooth surfaces. The folks at Lynktec use it to hold their new GripStand to the back of an iPad or tablet - or even a flat, smooth [...]

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Flashlights are a long-time geek obsession. Recently, we’ve had to add USB chargers, just because so many of our devices charge this way. Imagine combining the two into a single, portable device. Mmmmmm… Geek heaven! Well, that's what the fine folks at RAVPower have done. The Dynamo On-the-Go Power Bank is a flashlight, a reading light, [...]

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If you visit certain Home Depot stores in California, Illinois, or New York in the next few months, you may notice something new on sale that could prevent you from having to go back there for little widgets and such: they will be stocking three models of MakerBot 3D printers in those states soon! For Gadgeteers, [...]

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  There are many types of stands for tablets. Some are a single angle, built for either reading and movies, or for typing and heads-down work.  Others (such as those from Apple and the kickstands on Microsoft's Surface) mandate that you cannot change the orientation - it's horizontal (usually), and that cannot be changed. But [...]

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The warmth of real leather pairs so well with the clean, metallic sheen of today's electronics. I never tire of feeling and smelling this old-world material while using cutting edge technology. The folks at BUKcase have added a very simple series to their product line for iPhones and iPads, which they call Cote. I was [...]

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Portable sound and power. That's what it's all about today, it seems. Everyone has enough storage, or knows how to access it in the cloud. Everyone knows you need several cases and bags for all your stuff in varying situations. Now, it's how to hear music (or whatever) in your chosen working area, and how [...]

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When we're out and about, most Gadgeteers carry a few things: smartphone, wallet, keys, tablet. Maybe a tin of mints. Oh, sure, if we're gone for the day, we'll have a bag of other stuff including power adapters, charging cables and batteries, energy bars, and enough EDC stuff to survive a moon landing. But when [...]

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