Today I have a selection of five Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects for you to read about. Click through to see my list of this week’s notable crowdfunding campaigns. [click to continue…]

I don’t take my blood pressure on a regular basis, but maybe I should.  I have EMT training so I own a manual sphygmomanometer (“blood pressure cuff”) as well as a tabletop automatic and a portable. The Koogeek BP2, however, looked so small and sleek, I knew I had to give it a try.

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I’ll be honest, I like nice things. I have a brand new LG G6 smartphone on the table next to me, a 12″ MacBook at home, and a MINI Cooper in the parking lot. I save my money and I buy above average quality products with a hope that they will last longer than cheaper products and that I’ll enjoy using them. That said, I don’t blow my money on stuff just because it is perceived as being the best by its price tag. That’s why this MacBook stand from de Domomieu has flipped my WTH trigger. [click to continue…]

No, Gadgeteers, I am not kidding. Apparently, travel mugs in the shape of a horn are the next big thing. Or that’s what the fine coffee loving folks at Goat Story hope will be true with their GOAT MUG. [click to continue…]

Here we go again, another season, another Fugoo speaker. Fugoo is a wireless Bluetooth speaker maker that has always been just outside  the heavily advertised mainstream of Beats, JBL or Bose. That’s too bad, because Fugoo consistently makes some of the best wireless speakers available. For this long, hot summer of 2017, Fugoo has improved on their original Style speaker with the larger and much more powerful Style S speaker—but not without some trade-offs. [click to continue…]

Following up the massive success and sellouts of the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo is hoping that lightning will strike twice as it announced today the release of a Super NES Classic Edition.

Like the NES Classic, the Super NES Classic will be a mini system and will ship with 21 preinstalled classic games. It comes with an included HDMI cable for hooking up to a high-definition TV along with two wired Super NES Classic Controllers.  [click to continue…]

Have you always wanted to learn to play the drums but never had the money or space? Now you can and you don’t even need to own a set of drums. I know you’re asking yourself “Did he just say I could play the drums without actually owning a set?” Yes, I did. With Freedrum all you need is a pair of drumsticks and the desire to become a Rockstar.  [click to continue…]

What’s better than a cozy hoodie jacket on a cool day? How about a cozy hoodie jacket that has lots of pockets for your favorite gear? Sound good? Then you will want to read this review of the SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton jacket. Is it too soon in the review to reveal that I love this jacket? 

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The StarTech Drive Duplicator and Eraser for SATA and USB Flash Drives is a powerful, simple to use, and versatile tool for IT professionals or consumers who routinely need to manage a number of different types of data drives. Although it’s lacking in documentation and is a bit expensive at the suggested retail price of $796.99, the Drive Duplicator can replace a standard computer tasked with the same operations. [click to continue…]

I have five quick review updates for you this week of reviews that I’ve posted in the last 2 years. Why go back and update old review? Because we like to follow up with updates for products that we continue to use well after the original review has been posted. This gives people a good idea of how a product stands up over time. So click through for the list of recently updated reviews and then scroll to the bottom of each review to read the newest update. [click to continue…]

So, it’s official I am now my grandpa. How is that you may ask? Well, I will tell you, I need to carry reading glasses everywhere I go. The problem for me is that my options for carrying my readers get kind of limited with the size of most reading glasses. I do have some foldable ones that fit in my pocket but those can be a little bulky and I tend to forget them. I have ones that I can wear around my neck but hey I don’t want to look geeky everywhere I go. Enter NOOZ reading glasses from NOOZ optics.  [click to continue…]

Most smartphones and tablets do not have expandable memory. One way around this is to purchase the device with as much built-in memory as possible. But for those of you that didn’t think that far ahead when you bought your device and now find that storage space is low, you might want to consider a solution like the Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick. [click to continue…]

Taking a selfie by holding your phone at arm’s length is usually fine if you’re only taking a snap of yourself or at most another person. But when you try to squeeze more people into the frame or want to see the background too, a camera at the end of your arm just won’t cut it. Neither will a 3-foot long selfie stick. Is there a better alternative? The folds at AirSelfie think so. [click to continue…]

When it comes to cool minimalists wallets, the guys at Flipside have been on the scene for over 8 years. I dug up my first news post about their original Flipside wallet from January 2009. Every couple of years they update their wallet to make it even better and I’m happy to say that the Flipside 4 is their latest version. [click to continue…]

Home security cameras are a gadget category that has exploded in the last year or two. Everything week a new one is released with more features, better optics, and lower prices. But the Minion Cam HD Wi-Fi Camera from Tend is the first security camera that I’ve seen that’s been designed to look like a popular movie character. [click to continue…]