We’ve covered several PhotoFast products over the years, but this is their first portable storage adapter that features 4 ways to connect. It has a USB Type-C connector, a USB 3.0 connector, a Lightning connector and a micro USB connector. What’s the iType-C 4-in-1 portable storage adapter used for? All kinds of things. Plug the adapter into a MacBook with a Type-C port and you can transfer data (music, video and more) to its built-in 64GB – 200GB flash drive. Then plug the PhotoFast into your iPad, iPhone or Android device to view that data directly from the adapter’s flash memory without having to go through iTunes. You can also use the PhotoFast app to back up your iOS device with the press of a button. The iType-C 4-in-1 portable storage adapter is priced at $145 for the 64GB version, $225 for the 128GB version and $299 for the 200GB version. For more info about the iType C visit PhotoFast.

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Here at the Gadgeteer we review lots of car chargers.  I mean lots.  All shapes and sizes.  But the Nonda Zus car charger is different.  We all know how anemic standard car lighter charging ports can be, right?  I have long since given up on them and in fact, the last 3 cars I have purchased had USB ports built-in because the lighter port simply isn’t sufficient to charge anything anymore with all these modern gadgets.  So one thing that makes the Zus different is that it claims to charge at a much higher speed than the standard car lighter port.  But where the $29.99 Zus really shines is that it will enable you to locate your car when you can’t remember where you left it.  Yep, that’s right.  So does it work?  Let’s find out.

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For lucky gadgeteers, Saturdays are for sleeping in late, relaxing and taking the time to catch up on your favorite gadget news and review site… The Gadgeteer! To help you out with that last task, I have a complete list of everything we’ve posted this week on the site. Click through and enjoy.
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There are only nine days until Halloween. Do your kids have their trick or treating costumes picked out and do you have your Halloween party costume picked out? Don’t give up, there is still time. You can head over to Amazon and check out their vast selection, including the Harley Quinn and Deadpool costumes shown above. If costume parties aren’t your thing, no problem, Amazon has other ways to entertain you on the scariest holiday of the year like streaming the following scary movies for Prime members:  [click to continue…]

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Our smartphones are slowly evolving into the ultimate “Swiss Army Knife”. They have become an all-in-one device, replacing several of our most useful tools, gadgets, and devices.

Along with becoming our go-to music player, GPS unit, and gaming device – for many – our smartphones have become our primary camera and writing instruments.

I doubt there is a person reading this who hasn’t taken hundreds, if not thousands of photos with their phone.

While perhaps not as common, I’m willing to bet many of you have written or edited documents, taken notes, or even written articles on their phone.

With so many important documents and photos on our phones, wouldn’t it be great to have an easy way to print them directly from our phone?

Enter the Epson Expression Home XP-430 Small-in-One, a compact, wireless printer, that allows you to print directly from your Android or iOS device.

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I’m not a frequent traveler, but we do go on at least two vacations a year which usually involve air travel. Preparing for these trips involves decisions about the gear to take with me and I always have the same dilemma each time: weight and bulk vs. usability. I know vacations are for relaxing, but I’d be stressed to the max if I wasn’t able to keep on top of emails and do a little light Gadgeteer work while away from home. This usually means that I end up taking a laptop with me and the whole time I’m walking around the airport with a heavy bag on my shoulder I’m saying to myself that for the next trip I’ll take less gear. And each year I wish I could just get by with just my phone or my tablet. But I’ve always run into one problem that has prevented me from being able to do that – Gmail. [click to continue…]

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About two years ago, we told you about a Kickstarter project for the Pearl Compact Mirror and USB Battery Pack. After just a couple of days, Kickstarter removed the project because someone had filed a copyright infringement complaint against it.  HYPER by Sanho Corporation quickly moved the Pearl project to indiegogo and funding continued.  I had almost forgotten about the Pearl until I stumbled upon it at HYPER recently.  It’s now available for purchase in a variety of colors.  Amazon also offers the Pearl for the same price as HYPER, so I ordered two for my daughter and me from Amazon and benefitted from the free Prime shipping.  Read on to learn how well Pearl works.   [click to continue…]

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Are you a beverage drinker? Gotta have your java in the morning (like yours truly)? The travel container in which I carry my daily coffee works fine, but it does take up a lot of space in my EDC. That’s one reason why stojo caught my eye. It’s a 12-ounce (355 mL) beverage cup that collapses down with the help of a flexible, ribbed design from a 5-inch height down to 1.75-inch height once you’re done with your drink. This not only saves space, but saves you from wasting disposable coffee cups at work or even at your favorite coffee shop. Stojo’s patent-pending design is very simple with four parts all made from food-grade materials. When assembled, the three main components form a liquid-tight seal, but are easily disassembled for dishwasher or hand washing (and it’s microwave safe, t00). Stojo is available in six colors for $15 each. Visit for more info and Amazon order.

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I have always been a big fan of Kenu products.  I have owned many of their products and their simple design, high-quality materials, and ease-of-use are top shelf.  So when I heard about the new Kenu Stance, I was intrigued.  My smartphone is the main camera that I use to document the moments in my life, and every holiday I invariably find my phone perched atop a large stack of boxes and books as I try to position it without falling over for that perfect family group shot in front of the fireplace.  Some of you are grinning because you have done the same thing!  The $24.95 Kenu Stance solves this problem by providing you a mini-tripod that attaches to the power port on the bottom of your phone.  Did it measure up to the high standards that I have come to expect from Kenu? Let’s find out.

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You’d never know it with this heat wave we’re having in the south this week, but it’s autumn now and time for sitting around a campfire or the fire pit in the backyard.  You’ll be able to roast hot dogs or marshmallows without having to hunt for the perfect stick, and without worrying about splinters in your food.  The Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster has a maple handle and a powder-coated steel roaster.  It’s long enough that you’ll be able to roast your food without getting too close to the fire.  The Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster is $19.99 each from UncommonGoods.

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Ever found yourself in need of a quick hose-down but you’re nowhere near a garden hose? I have. After obstacle course races, GORUCK Challenges and other outdoorsy, get-muddy style events or activities, it would be great to have a quick rinse, but I typically don’t have the luxury of being near a water source. The RinseKit folks have evidently had similar problems. RinseKit is a “pressurized, portable shower that’s like having a hose to go!” It’s a stand-alone unit that requires no pumps or batteries, but it can deliver a pressured spray for up to three minutes. RinseKit stores the strength of a regular household spigot or sink (with adapter) and can be quickly filled with hot or cold water. Its patented design features the eon™ pressure system that holds up to 2 gallons of water with a spray nozzle that offers seven different settings from jet stream to soaking shower. RinseKit is available in white or black color for $89.95. Visit for additional details and Amazon to check prices and order.

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This beautiful stool with built-in guitar stand is handmade in the US by fillingham, an Etsy store.  The Guitar Stool/Guitar Stand is made to order from “wood, walnut, ash, felt, cork, and yacht braid.”  fillingham says:  “Hardwood surfaces (walnut and ash) are finished with a custom, hand rubbed finish that improves with age and use. The pads are natural felt and cork and will not damage your guitar’s finish. Stability is enhanced with a counter weight under the front of the seat. Works best as a stand for hollow body guitars“.  The stools take about 3.5 months to create and ship, and they cost $2700.00 each.  This beautiful fillingham Guitar Stool/Guitar Stand would be a wonderful gift for your favorite guitarist, if it fits the budget.

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The Amazon Echo Dot is a smaller version of Amazon’s original Echo device. Both are useful and fun to use, but I like the Dot because it’s smaller. The only downside to both devices is that they are tethered to a wall outlet. If you want to move the device, you have to unplug it and then plug it back in at the new location. This isn’t exactly a hardship, but when you unplug the Echo Dot, it also powers it off, requiring you to wait till it reboots after it’s plugged back in to use it. The Fremo Evo Amazon Echo Dot battery base solves this issue. Let’s take a look.

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Officially licensed by Star Wars and Disney, these Star Wars themed air fresheners have been designed to clip to your car’s air vent slats so air flowing out of the vents and through Darth Vader’s or the  Stormtrooper’s head will help make any funky smells in your car quickly vanish. Only real Star Wars collectible fans will buy one of these air fresheners because they cost $30 each. Ouch! Still want one? Then head over to Brando for all the details.

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This beautiful piece of jewelry – “smart jewelry” as it says on the box, tracks your activity, your sleep, how much you meditate, your reproductive health, and your stress!  When I read all these things about the Bellabeat Leaf Urban, I felt like wearing it might cause me to ascend to another realm and reach fitness tracker heaven.  Being the realist I am, I decided it best to see if it was all it was cracked up to be.  [click to continue…]

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