When we want something, we want it now. The new Polaroid Snap Instant Camera can provide instant gratification by printing your pictures right after you take them. This pocket-sized 10MP camera is basically the Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter that I reviewed a couple months ago with a built-in camera. The Snap camera features a f2.8 fixed focal length lens, optical pop-up viewfinder, a flash that auto-flashes when needed and a timer. The printer features uses ZINK 3 x 2 inch peel and stick photo paper. The printer requires no ink for easy no mess prints that don’t smudge. If you run out of paper, you can save the images to a micro SD card. The Polaroid Snap Instant Camera is available for pre-order from Photojojo for $99.99 with shipping the last week of October.

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I am always on the lookout for the perfect surveillance system for monitoring my home and cats while on vacation. The first thing I tried was a webcam connected to a computer that I would view from an app on my phone. Next, I tried an IP camera that could be remotely controlled by my phone, but the user interface was lacking. A few months ago, I picked up the Foscam C1 Wireless IP camera and have been generally pleased with it, but unsure if I wanted to buy another, since it is a static camera and cannot be adjusted remotely like the previous one I had. I recently had the opportunity to add a second Foscam C1 camera, so let’s see if it was worth it.
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The new Book Bag from Saddleback Leather Company is a small (9 ½ W” x 7 ¾” H x 2 ½” D) full-grain leather bag with a pigskin lining. The interior has two pockets, one has been designed to carry your everyday essentials like your phone and a pen, and the other is large enough to hold a traditional book. You still know what those are right? 😉 The Book Bag is built it last with marine grade stitching, a buckled flap, an adjustable shoulder strap and a 100 year warranty. It’s available in four leather colors including tobacco, dark coffee brown, chestnut and black. The Book Bag is priced at $139 and is currently in stock. For more info and to order, please visit Saddleback Leather Company.

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Did you know that insects are the food of the future? Did you know that there’s a ring that you can program to unlock your phone, your front door and text your significant other? No? That’s because you missed some of our posts this week. It’s ok, I know how busy you are, but it’s the weekend. It’s time to slow down, recharge and catch up. So settle back in your favorite chair and check out this list of all our news and reviews from the past week. Enjoy!

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From the “Are you kidding me?” files comes the Gray International Advent bumper case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. This case looks very slick with its two-piece design that only requires friction and no screws for assembly. There’s a black rubber bumper that is first installed around the iPhone’s edges, then the aerospace grade 5 Titanium Advent bumper snaps on the left and right edges. Unlike some metal bumper style cases, the Advent will not cause a loss of signal strength because it doesn’t come in contact with the phone. Now for the bad news. There will only be 100 of these cases made and they are priced at $1500 each. [sarcasm on] You better hurry as the Advent is currently available for pre-order and I bet there will be a stampede of people wanting one. [sarcasm off] Head over to Gray International for more info.

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Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for since I switched back to iOS is here.  Google Keep is now available on Android, web, and iOS.  The simple-yet-effective notes app was only on Android and web for the longest time, but recently I found a new link from Google Keep’s site.  If you are an Android-to-iOS switcher and miss your favorite notes app, you can finally head over to iTunes to download for free.

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I’m a latecomer to the world of wireless charging. I’ve been doing just fine plugging in my phone when necessary; however, it has always been in the back of my mind to give wireless charging a try. So when the Choetech 3-Coils Wireless Iron Stand Charger was available to review, I was eager to check it out. What did I find? This thing rocks! I love that it’s a stand type charger so that when I place my phone on the stand, I can see the face of my phone when notifications come in – all while it charges. Being a stand charger with LEDs that illuminate when charging also helped to place my phone in the correct position for charging every time. I only wish that the stand had its micro-USB port in the back and that it was collapsible, then it would be perfect! [click to continue…]

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Messenger bags are my favorite style of gear bags. I’ve been carrying one for years. They are great because they are roomy enough to hold a lot of gear. But for those times when you don’t need to carry everything but the kitchen sink, they can be a little too spacious. The Setgo Jump Jet messenger bag has been designed to solve that issue because it can fold into a smaller bag and unfold when you need more capacity. The Jump Jet is made of reinforced nylon and features two internal pockets for organization, waterproof zippers, and a shoulder strap with a smartphone holder. When unfolded, the Setgo Jump Jet is large enough to hold Macbook, iPad and a notebook. It’s priced at $60 and is available through Setgo’s site.

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It seems like every time I need to fix something with a tool, it’s in the darkest area of my home or garage. I have several flashlights that can help in these situations, but holding a light in one hand while trying to use a screwdriver with the other hand can sometimes be a little awkward. I found a potential solution with the Magnetic LED Tool Light from Lee Valley Tools. This simple little flashlight has two rare-earth magnets in the base that allow it to stick to the shaft of a screwdriver or other steel handled tool so that it can shine a light right where you need it. The LED flashlight is powered by small button cell batteries which are included. With a price of only $7.50, it seems like a worthy addition to your toolbox. For more info or to order one, visit Lee Valley Tools.

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I’m always looking for ways to minimalize my every day carry. My latest challenge is to find a new wallet that gives me easy access to several credit cards and cash, while remaining pocket friendly. I’ve been testing the Kisetsu Natsu wallet for a couple weeks and am ready to tell you all about it. Ready, set, go.

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Saddleback has started offering two new writing instruments to their product line. The Copper Pen comes in a simple and fancy version. The pen itself is the same, but the leather holder/protector is different between the two versions. The 5 ⅛” long Copper Pens feature a hand-hammered barrel made of 100% copper which will develop a patina over time. The barrel has been designed to use BIC ballpoint ink cartridge refills. The simple version of the Copper Pen has a short full-grain leather grip, while the fancy version of the pen features a longer grip that also doubles as a protector that will cover the point when you’re not using the pen. Although I’m not excited about the fact that the pens are designed to use a BIC refill (ick), I can’t help but love the look. The pens are priced at $19 and $25 and are available now. Please visit Saddleback Leather Company for more info and to place an order.

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Not all gadgets require electricity. Many things are developments and improvements on existing products that make you think “I shoulda thoughta that!” Such it is with the latest item in my gadget queue, the P-Lock. These red corkscrew-like tie-downs are sold in pairs (the reason will become obvious) and will enable you to secure anything anywhere you can get to a patch of dirt to screw them in to! [click to continue…]

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The clock called Ferrolic by Dutch designer Zelf Koelman is like a lava lamp clock that does not emit light. The magnetic fluid (a black fluid with magnetic particles suspended in it) within an aluminum casing is attracted to the clock’s electromagnets to form the numbers. The best part is that it comes with software that is accessible on the web so users may design their own entrancing custom creations. The clock is still in development, but a small number will be available for pre-order sometime in the future for only $8,300. Now, don’t all of you rush to order them all at once when they become available – let others have a chance! 😉 Please visit the Ferrolic website for more information and updates about this project. But first, watch the fascinating video as the black fluid in the clock seems to come alive – reminiscent of the X-Files’ black oil don’t you think?  [click to continue…]

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Recently, I’ve been trying to put more of an effort into working out and exercising. Like many other activities I do, I won’t even consider exercising without having music or TV playing in the background. My house is littered with wired earbuds, but the long cord always manages to get in the way while working out. A while back I ponied up the dough and purchased a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, but they still had their issues, the worst of which is always falling out of my ear at the most inopportune time. Fortunately, I was given the chance to review the AfterShokz Bluez 2S bone conducting Bluetooth headphones. With no cords and no buds to fall out of my ears, will these be the headphones I’ve always hoped for?
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The NFC Ring is back with a new Kickstarter campaign, an updated look and improved tech under the hood… or I guess I should say under the band since it’s a ring. Smartphones are cool and smart watches may be fun, but a smart ring is the ultimate in geek gear. Let’s check out what’s new with one of my favorite wearable gadgets.

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Google just released an update to Google Maps that brings Apple Watch support. When you set a route on your iPhone, the Google Maps watch app will automatically show you the directions, in text format, as you go. You can also scroll through upcoming directions to get an idea of where Google wants you to go.

To obtain directions directly on your Apple Watch, you can select directions to your home or to work (if you have them set up in your Google account), or directions to your last route. You can force-touch the watch to choose the travel mode — Driving, Transit, or Walking.

You can find Google Maps on the App Store.

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Petzi Treat Cam review

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We have had pet cams around our house for at least 15 years. We set up the cameras to find out what the animals do all day. (Sleep, mostly. No surprise there.) My cameras of choice tend to be Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, which include their own web server and don’t need to be connected to a computer. However, they are a pain to set up. That’s why I was excited to learn about Petzi’s new Treat Cam. Not only is it easy to set up, it tosses goodies to the beasties. [click to continue…]

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The Chromecast app is completely redesigned and is now available in Google Play and iTunes. It works with the latest Chromecast and the first generation Chromecast as well. It allows the user to browse through the content on all the Chromecast enabled apps on your phone (under the What’s On tab); use playback controls like Pause/Play, Volume controls, etc. which turn your phone into a remote control for each of your Chromecast devices (under the Devices tab), and discover new apps that are Chromecast enabled (under the Get Apps tab). The Chromecast app also allows you to search for content like a TV show across all cast enabled apps. After performing the search for a TV show or movie, it will list which apps on your phone have that TV show/movie and also provide a link to those apps that you can download to access that show/movie. While casting, you are able to search for other things on your phone without interrupting the streaming of your content. [click to continue…]

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Most people will agree that working out isn’t exactly fun, but add some music and it becomes more bearable. Add a pair of Jabra Sport Coach sweat-proof wireless earbuds and a virtual coach who talks in your ear and you might just start looking forward to your next workout session. Let’s find out.

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When I purchased my current Chromecast, I was disappointed that it didn’t support the 5 GHz WiFi band. The 2.4 GHz band is just a bit crowded in my neighborhood and my streaming can sometimes suffer. But today Google announced that the newest Chromecast (which works with iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, plus Chromebook, Mac, and Windows laptops) is available for purchase for $35 and now includes 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual-band support. In addition, it has a “built-in adaptive antenna system” (three antennas) and an algorithm that “ensures that the WiFi chip is always using the best antenna and radio frequency for the changing WiFi conditions in the home” (from the Google Nexus 2015 Live Event). According to Google, this new design results in superior throughput across the entire range of changing WiFi conditions in your home when compared to competitors of the same form factor. This means higher quality video and audio and less buffering. The latest version of Chromecast has been redesigned into a circular disk that is smaller than the palm of your hand and has an attached HDMI cable. Simply plug Chromecast into an available HDMI port in your TV, plug in the power cord, connect it to your home WiFi network, and start casting from any of the apps that support Chromecast.

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