Every evening between 6 pm to 9 pm and later on the weekends, I turn from a mild-mannered Gadgeteer into a couch potato. If Jeanne and I are not watching our favorite TV shows and movies, we’re surfing on our MacBook Pros. Jeanne uses a larger version of the Lapinator laptop desk that I reviewed many years ago with her MacBook Pro, but I’ve always just used MacBook without a lap desk. That changed recently when I was sent a LapLite Bamboo Workstation to review. [click to continue…]

Google recently quietly rolled out a new section on Google Play. It’s called Free App of the Week and it is wonderful!

Both Apple and Amazon have had similar programs for years now, highlighting a particular paid app and providing it for free for a limited time. Google has finally caught up and created a program for Android users. [click to continue…]

“That’s the coolest MacBook cover I have ever seen! Is that real stone?” This was the comment I received in my first meeting after setting up my new Cover-Up laptop Stone Skin. Yes, it is cool. And yes, it’s real stone. Cover-up sent me two covers for this evaluation, they are unlike anything I have seen before. They are real, all natural stone cases that have been crafted for your iPhone and MacBook. But how do they hold up to practical use? Let’s dig deeper into these beauties… [click to continue…]

Portable backup batteries are handy to have when you’re away from an electrical outlet and need to charge your devices. But they are only good for a limited number of charges before they need to be recharged themselves. Solar chargers are another backup power solution that works great as long as you’re in an area with direct sunlight. Is there a backup power solution that doesn’t suffer from either of those limitations? The myFC Powertrekk fuel cell charger looks like it has potential. [click to continue…]

Aside from a house, a vehicle may be one of the priciest purchases a person will make. That being the case, most people want to make sure they protect their investment. One of the easiest ways to protect that investment is to know where the vehicle is at all times. [click to continue…]

The next time you’re packing your gear for a trip that involves a flight, you might want to consider a pair of AirClipZ.
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Standing desks have been gaining in popularity for years since various studies were released warning of the dangers of prolonged sitting. There are now tons of standing desk options to fit every type of home or office environment. The FlexiSpot M4B Corner Standing Desk is a great, affordable choice for people who have an existing standard desk that they would like to use as a standing desk. The Flexispot desk is constructed of fiberboard and steel and once assembled is very sturdy and balanced. This particular model comes with an optional keyboard platform and is designed to be used in a regular or corner desk configuration. [click to continue…]

We published 25 posts this week including 11 reviews, 11 news posts, 2 articles, and several updates to some of our older reviews. Did you read all of them? Make sure you didn’t miss something by clicking through to see a list of all our news, reviews, and articles from the past week.
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If you’ve been a patron of The Gadgeteer for some time, you may likely surmise that I’ve been on a quest to identify a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones that will perform well for me in a variety of situations, but mainly for use during heavy exercise. After evaluating a variety of similar products, all of which basically fell out while working out, I realized that I hadn’t yet tried any of the style that “hook” over the ears, which I thought might be a helpful feature for someone with cavernous ear canals (like me). When I had the opportunity to evaluate a pair of iClever BoostRun BTH07 Bluetooth Sport Headphones, I thought they might fit the bill. Let’s see how they worked out. Gadget on! [click to continue…]

There are times you want to watch TV, not the computer, and those in the general vicinity don’t really want to hear the sound. (This is known as an opportunity for innovation, or the start of an argument, depending on how it’s handled and the personalities involved.) Recently, I was offered the Noontec Hammo TV headphones and listening station, and hoped this would help in my situation. Let’s take a look.  [click to continue…]

Grovemade started out with bamboo and wood iPhone cases about seven years ago but since then, they have expanded their offerings to include new products like this new key ring made from a solid block of anodized aluminium. [click to continue…]

As a frequent business meeting presenter, I have a variety of device-to-display adapters in my travel bag.  And this collection continues to evolve over time when newer technology such as USB-C video output becomes more prevalent.  Keeping up with this trend, StarTech offers a line of USB-C video adapters and provided VGA and HDMI versions to review.  Additionally, as a product differentiator, StarTech adds a “Presentation Mode” feature to make your meetings smoother and more convenient.  After testing the adapters at home, I’ve also had the opportunity to test in real world situations on a long business trip.  Let’s see how they do… [click to continue…]

Most home security systems involve setting up cameras and a variety of sensors like motion detectors, door and window opening/closing sensors, temperature sensors and more. The Xandem system is more like something straight from a Mission Impossible style movie. Xandem uses a gateway and a set of modules to create a mesh network that puts a security blanket over your home that can detect when people are moving around inside it.
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How many of you wake to sounds from your smartphone, charging on or near your bed? How many of you still have a clock in your bedroom for timekeeping (not for decoration)? These two questions will determine your interest in the latest gadget to cross my review desk: the Sandman Alarm Clock. [click to continue…]

We’ve been covering Misfit fitness tracking wearable devices since the original Misfit Shine that I reviewed back in 2013. Misfit trackers have evolved since the Shine and in the next few months, we’ll be seeing a brand new device from Misfit that looks like their most ambitious activity tracking wearable so far. The Misfit Vapor is a true touchscreen smartwatch powered by the Android Wear 2.0 operating system.  [click to continue…]