I hope everyone had a nice week and are enjoying the weekend. If you were too busy to visit The Gadgeteer every day this week, I have a listing of all our news posts and reviews that I’ve arranged in chronological order so you can browse through it and get caught up on any posts that you might have missed. Enjoy!

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As soon as it gets even close to nice weather here in Southern Indiana, the gnats, mosquitoes,  and other annoying bugs are out in full force. It’s bad enough dealing with them when you are outdoors, but no one wants bugs indoors too. How do you get rid of them without bug sprays? One solution may be the Zapplight bug zapping light bulb. The sent one to me to try. Let’s see if the bugs in my home are no more.
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One thing I can count on after the snow melts here in New Hampshire is the rebirth of the mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums.  Having just spent 5-6 months indoors to beat the cold and snow, now I can look forward to 5 months of either staying inside or living in my screen porch.  So, I was happy to get the Thermacell Scout Camp Lantern and mosquito repellent to review.  Maybe now I can sit outside and enjoy the spring weather. [click to continue…]

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Finally, an iOS keyboard that I’ve been wanting!  Gboard is Google’s new app for the iPhone and iPad that lets you search web results, search emojis and GIFs without leaving the keyboard. It also brings glide typing (think, Swype) to iOS. I just downloaded it, and it’s made me so happy. iPhone and iPad users, this might be perfect for you. Read more about it on Google’s Blog, and get it free now in the App Store in English in the U.S., with more languages to come.

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Laptops are fantastic for all your on the go computing tasks, but when you use them at home, they tend to become a magnet for cables connected to all the ports. When you want to go mobile, you have to unplug everything and then reconnect when you return. An easier way around this hassle is to connect all your cables to a docking station and then connect the docking station to your laptop with just one or two cables at the most. The Aluminum Mini Docking Station from Satechi looks like a nicely designed solution that provides the ports you need without taking up much space on your desktop. Let’s take a look.
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Inexpensive capacitive styluses get the job done, but battery powered active styluses can do a much better job of mimicking the pen on paper feel that most of us want when drawing or writing on our touchscreen devices. Lynktec is no stranger to styluses and I’ve reviewed several of their products (see related posts lists below) over the years. Their latest stylus is the Apex Fusion, which combines the benefits of both capacitive and active styluses into one stylus that has a fiber polymer nib and is compatible with iOS and many popular Android devices. Lynktec Co-Founder Bob Martin says:

“By combining our smooth gliding TruGlide™ fiber tip technology with the fine point accuracy of our Apex active styluses, we have created an easy to use stylus that gives a natural and realistic pen to pad writing experience on touchscreens”

The Apex Fusion has an anodized aluminum body that is available in four color choices that include black, gold, silver and rose gold. It’s priced at $59.99 and will be available starting today. Visit Lynktec for more info.

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If you take more than one pill per day, whether they are vitamins or drugs for a medical condition, organizing them so you won’t miss a daily dose can be a chore. We’ve all seen the cheap rectangular pill boxes that are separated into seven sections, one for each day of the week and have a letter stamped on the lid of each section so you’ll know which pills to take each day. These traditional containers get the job done, but can be a pain to open, especially for people who may have dexterity issues. Is there a better way to manage your meds? Sagely thinks so. Their Smart Weekly Pill Organizer features seven individual pill holders that are separated into two sections that can be used for AM and PM pills or for two family members. The containers are clear so that you can see the contents, are large enough even for bigger pills, and have lids that are easy to open and close. One really cool feature is that you don’t have to open the container/lid to add pills. Each lid has a push through design allowing pills to be simply pushed through the perforated lid into the container. Also, the individual containers attach to a magnetic base that provides a neat and organized appearance. The Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer currently is priced at $34.95 on Amazon. What do you think? Too expensive or are the added features with the price?

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In the last couple years, I’ve been switching my home’s standard and CFL light bulbs to LED bulbs to save energy and money. But as I’ve been doing that, I’ve seen lots of LED bulbs come on the market that can be controlled anywhere with a mobile app. I wish all my bulbs or even a few of the bulbs I already purchased had that feature without replacing them. Now they can with the iDevices Socket. Socket is a WiFi adapter that goes between your existing standard sized bulb and the receptacle in your ceiling or lamp. Just screw the Socket adapter in place and then screw in the light bulb and now you can control that bulb using the iDevices mobile iOS app. The Apple HomeKit enabled app offers a number of settings, including dimming, scheduling and Siri control. The Socket also features it’s own colored LED ring that can be customized to set the mood for any occasion. The iDevices Socket is available for pre-order for $79 with shipping at the end of June. For more info visit iDevices.com and visit Amazon to see deals on other iDevices products.

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Hello, my name is Smythe, and I’m a bag-a-holic. I know I’ve come to the right group, because you all have far more bags than you can use in a month, don’t you? Well, my current bag habit has brought me a bag from veteran bag makers Brenthaven, in their Collins line of messenger bags. I purchased this on a close-out for the normal iPad size (9.7″), and see that they have updated the line for the larger iPad Pro. I’m on the fence about getting a new one, but thought you folks would like a quick review of the product, nonetheless.

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Mice with OLED displays? I must be delusional right? Wrong! The new Rival 700 wired gaming mouse from SteelSeries features a small OLED display on the side that can be customized to show game stats, CPI settings and even show custom logos and 10 frames per second animations. If you think a gaming mouse with a display is cool, you’re going to be even more impressed with the Rival 700 because it also features a tactile alert system that causes the palm area of the mouse to vibrate when certain events trigger within the game. Want to know when your health is dropping, running low on ammo, mana, or are stunned? All these events and more can individually set to fire a tactile alert and each alert can have a custom vibration pattern, duration and trigger. The Rival 700 from SteelSeries is available now for $99.99 from SteelSeries.com and Amazon.

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It’s time for another set of updated reviews. This time around, we’re updating a selection of garden and outdoors gadgets reviews. It took me awhile to find a handful of outdoor themed reviews. That tells me we need to do more of them! Click through to see a list of the reviews that I’ve updated. Just scroll down to the bottom of each review to read the latest notes.
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I’m still on my own quest for the “perfect” wallet. And although this quest may never really result in actually finding the “perfect” wallet (for me), it sure is fun along the way. Lately, I’ve been on a kick to find a very minimal, thin, everyday carry wallet. When Julie offered the opportunity to try out the new SlimFold Soft Shell wallet, I thought it might just be exactly what I wanted. How did it do?  Let’s check it out!  Gadget on!

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Even though the latest MacBooks have great battery life, they aren’t magical. At some point the battery will drain and you’ll need to hunt for your charger and an outlet. Dead batteries tend to happen at the worst moment, but if your MacBook has a USB-C port, the Kanex GoPower with its built in 15,000mAh battery and 3.0A + 2.4A fast charging ports will have you working again ASAP. The GoPower stows in your backpack when you don’t need it, but when you do, it will be there with enough extra battery power to completely recharge your USB-C MacBook. No MacBook? No problem, the GoPower will provide multiple recharges of other USB-C devices like the Nexus 6P, LG G5 and more. It can ever charge two devices at one time through its extra USB port. The Kanex GoPower is priced at $99.95. For more info visit Kanex.com and Amazon to order.

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In this day and age of recording devices and selfie sticks, it’s fun to see what’s out there in terms of videography gear.  iVue has come out with the Horizon Pro Sport Camera glasses, which allow you to record video right from the eyeglass frame, and useful for recording while you are doing outdoor activities or water sports.  Let’s take a look and see what features are available in these camera glasses. [click to continue…]

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Earlier today I sifted through a big pile of emails that I received in the last week pitching new crowdfunding campaigns. I can’t and don’t want to talk about every new product, so I pick three that I find interesting and worthy of a pledge. Click through to see this week’s notable Kickstarter projects. [click to continue…]

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