Ever thought of being a legend in your own time? Do you love taking pictures, and the idea of others appreciating your work? Maybe you’re making a new project and you’ve taken pictures along the way to detail the progress. Why not create a story with the myriad of pictures you have on your phone and share them with the world (or just your mom)!?

Storehouse is an iOS app available in the iTunes Store for free and it allows you to create awe-inspiring stories using pictures, video, and music. You can use as much or as little detail as you like to create a story like no other. This winner of the 2014 Apple Design Award is sure to wow you, and inspire you to create, and appreciate. After viewing some of the marvelous stories that others have created with Storehouse, I’ve decided I definitely need to revisit Europe. Figures… getting a free app would somehow entice me to spend more money.


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When I was a kid, we didn’t have smartphones, tablets, hand held game consoles or the internet to entertain us. We had to use our imagination. Sticks became swords and cardboard boxes became forts. Help your kids ignite their creativity and imagination with the Moff Band, a successfully funded Kickstarter project from last year. It’s a wearable slap style bracelet that pairs with an iOS device to turn gestures and items in your hand into toys with sound. Turn a broom into an electric guitar, your hair brush into a ping pong paddle, a ruler into a magic wand and more. The app lets you pick the sound so that movements turn into fun sounds. Pair two Moff Bands with one iOS device and the sounds sync for two player fun. The Moff Band is priced at $54.99. For more info visit or Amazon to order.

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roamwild surround pillow-17

I do not like those inflatable neck pillows I see other use when traveling by plane.  To me, they look ridiculous and they’re about as comfortable as sleeping on an air mattress (not comfortable).  I thought I’d give the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow a try.  Would this be a step up? [click to continue…]

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With the Soto PT-14SB Pocket Torch, you can transform a standard disposable lighter into a strong, wind-resistant burner with electronic ignition.  With the Soto enclosure, a lighter can produce a flame that reaches temperatures up to 2300oF (about 1300°C).  You’ll be able to light stoves and lamps, solder metal, and melt snow with the torch.  Soto says you can expect an increased lifespan of up to 60% for the lighter.  It’s a great tool to add to your outdoor gear, but be aware that it may not ignite under colder temperatures or altitudes above 5,000 ft.  Purchase the Soto PT-14SB Pocket Torch at Amazon for $19.75.

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Today is Star Wars Day – May the fourth – but you don’t have to wait for this one day per year to show your love for Star Wars.  Skinit has a line of officially-licensed Star Wars images that you can have put on a case or skin to fit your device.  Choose from 25 unique designs, such as Yoda, Chewbacca, R2D2, C3PO, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and more.  (Why no Princess Leia?)  Cases and skins are available for a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and even some medical devices.  Each image is rendered with sharp color printing with a high-gloss, scratch-resistant coating, and each skin is made from a removable, flexible vinyl material that hugs the curves of your device.  Prices vary with the type of device selected and with the type of covering.  Check out all the Star Wars cases and skins at Skinit today!

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I’m not a smoker and have never been a smoker, but I do know that it’s an extremely unhealthy and risky habit. It’s a habit that is very hard to kick without the help of drugs or strong will power. The new fad is to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes also know as ecigs. Our own Ian Lam wrote an article about his experience switching from traditional cigarettes to ecigs. I can’t really comment on how much better ecigs are for your health as compared to regular cigarettes, but the Smokio wireless vaporizer does offer something that other vaporizers don’t – a way to monitor your usage. Smokio pairs via Bluetooth with an app on your smartphone that lets you monitor in real time the number of puffs you take and nicotine levels. The app will help you set goals to cut down on your usage, will send notifications when you reach milestones and will show how much money you are saving over buying cartons of cigarettes. Smokio is priced at $79. For more info visit

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A few years ago I reviewed the Pilot FriXion erasable pen. This pen features ink that can easily be “erased” by rubbing the rubber “eraser” over the lines on a page. I have those words in quotes because the ink isn’t really erased, it’s been made invisible by heat from the friction of rubbing over the heat sensitive ink with the rubber tip on the end of the pen. I thought the idea was a cool concept and continue to use these pens for non-critical documents. Now JetPens is offering a large variety of other Pilot FriXion products including colored gel pens, pencils, markers and highlighters. All the products feature the same friction based erasing technology. For more info visit

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Castakite is a specially designed fishing rod style reel device for flying kites. It’s been invented, built and assembled here in the US by an avid fly fisherman, hence the design. It features an easy to use fishing reel style handle and rod that allows kite fliers old and new to cast their kite and reel it back in without tangled strings, burns or other problems that traditional kites sometimes have. The Castakite is available in three colors and comes fully assembled with a 29″ kite included and 150 feet of string. For more info visit the Castakite site.

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I’ve been using a Tanita BC554 Ironman InnerScan Body Composition scale for over a decade and love it. It has been my accountability partner in trying to stay healthy. The only thing I have longed for is either a WiFi or Bluetooth feature that would automatically sync all the data to an app to keep track of my weight history so that I don’t have to manually record it. The Runtastic Libra, a Bluetooth body composition monitor scale, was offered to the Gadgeteer for review, so I seized the opportunity to see if this scale would be accurate and would provide the missing feature my current scale does not have. Time to investigate…

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Last spring, Julie reviewed the Dyson Cool Desk Fan AM06.  She liked the cool, bladeless design of the fan, and her only “con” was the price.  For the same $299.99 that the desk fan cost, you can now get a large, floor-standing Dyson AM07 Multipler Bladeless Oscillating Fan.  This fan stands 40″ tall and has Air Multiplier Technology to move more air.  It has streamlined air channels to reduce airflow turbulence, making it 60% quieter than some earlier Dyson fans.  The AM07 is made of polycarbonate, has 10 airflow settings, one-touch oscillation control, a sleep timer that can be set to turn off after a preset interval ranging from 15 minutes to nine hours, and a magnetized remote that stores unobtrusively on the machine.  For safety, it automatically turns off if it should tip over.

The Dyson AM07 Multipler Bladeless Oscillating Fan is the Today’s Special Value at QVC for May 3, 2015.  It’s available for $299.99 until May 4, 2015 at 2:59 a.m. ET.

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Have you been too busy to visit The Gadgeteer every day this week for your daily fix of gadget related news and reviews? Then this post is just for you. Just like a DVR for your TV, this is post is a DVR for this week’s Gadgeteer posts. So get comfy and click through to see the full list of news, reviews and articles from this past week. [click to continue…]

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When I was making my choice between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, my major concerns were battery life and portability. In the end, portability won out. When I visit my in-laws, the battery drains quickly due to spotty cell reception, so I always carry a portable battery on trips. I love the idea of battery cases, and when seeing the iBattz Invictus battery case I thought it was a great idea to have removable batteries in a case, since you never know when you may need a refill. Let’s see how well it worked.
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A while back, I told you about the Eye Vac that lets you throw away your dust pan because it could suck up all the sweepings using a vacuum port in its base.  The Bruno Smartcan includes a vacuum at the bottom to suck up all your sweepings, and it also serves as your 13-gallon garbage can – and more!  The Kickstarter project describes Bruno’s capabilities:

  1. Integrated Vacuum Feature allows you to sweep directly into the base of Bruno and the sweepings are deposited directly into the trash bag.
  2. Trash Bag Storage Pod eliminates finger pointing because someone forgot to replace the trash bag. Trash bags are stored right where you want them, when you need them, within reach. Bruno also accepts standard 13 gallon kitchen trash bags.
  3. Low Bag Alert will notify you via the Bruno app so you can order custom fitted Bruno bags, delivered directly to your home for the same price as the grocery store!
  4. Trash Day Pick Up Reminder can be set to alert your husband, child, roommate or whomever you would like to take the trash out on trash day… so you won’t have to.
  5. Motion Sensing Lid can be opened hands free – perfect for when yours aren’t. Simply wave your hands across the top to open the stainless lid.
  6. Built in Charging and Filtration System. A small flip of a secondary lid gives you access to the built-in charging and filtration area. Bruno’s powerful 18-volt battery will last a full 30 days on a single charge.

The storage pod feature and the low-bag alert work only when you are using the special, custom-fitted Bruno bags, but you can also use standard 13-gal trash bags.

Bruno’s funding period continues until Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 8:38 AM EDT.  The funding goal has almost been reached now, with 33 days left to go.  A minimum early-bird pledge of $149 gets you a Bruno in your choice of white, slate gray, harbor blue, urban red, or stainless ($50 extra for stainless) and a 3-month supply of the custom-fitted bags. The pledge will increase to $159 when the last of the early-bird pledges have been claimed.  Read more about the Bruno Smartcan at Kickstarter.

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The Type-C USB flash memory drive from Patriot has been designed for computers that feature a Type-C USB port like Apple’s new MacBook. Whether you hate the idea of a laptop with just one port or love it, you have to admit that it will be a hassle to use an adapter every time you want to do a simple task like coping files to a flash drive. That’s where the new Patriot Type-C USB flash drive will come in handy. You might say “Hey Julie, what good is a Type-C USB flash drive if you need to transfer files to a device that doesn’t have a Type-C port?” No problem, Patriot has that covered because this flash drive features both a Type-C connector and a Type-A connector. If you aren’t familiar with Type-A, that’s the connector we’ve all been using for many years now. The Patriot flash drive will be compatible with the new MacBook as well as the Google Chromebook Pixel and will be available starting in June. It will be offered in both 32GB and 64GB capacities. Pricing has yet to be determined. Visit for more information about their products.

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Having spent my early adult years in the law enforcement field, I have a fondness for gadgets that are designed to help law enforcement and first responders. I am especially impressed if that device can be carried over to military and civilian applications. That is why I was excited to get the chance to review the QuiqLiteX (Quick Light) from QuiqLite Inc.

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Smart Unit says that 90,000 pieces of luggage are mishandled and from that 3,000 pieces are definitely lost each day.  They have created a smart luggage tracker that can help you locate your luggage anywhere in the world where a cell phone GSM/GPRS network is available, even when the airline has no idea where it is.  You put the Smart Unit into your luggage, and it connects to an app on your phone.  Due to its patented software, it shuts itself off at takeoff and turns itself back on upon landing.  It “connects to the GSM networks through text messaging and also to your phone through Bluetooth LE (approx 30 meter range)  It recognizes the networks available and answers location requests when the App is launched. It can send its GPS position on a map to your cell phone.”  You’ll be notified if someone opens your bag when it’s out of your sight.  Its security feature uses the Bluetooth connection to your phone to alert you if someone picks up your bag and starts walking away with it, and allows you to follow the person with your bag.

Leave your name and email address at the Smart Unit website to receive more information about the Smart Unit and its availability/pricing.

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Your mother doesn’t have to be a gadget lover to appreciate an organized bag.  Cocoon Innovations sells Grid-It panels that can fit handbags, messenger bags, and backpacks.  The Grid-It panels have an overlapping matrix of elastic bands that let her fit everything from flash drives and phones to lipsticks and chewing gum into an organized array.  If your mother (or you) are a gadget lover, you can buy bags with Grid-It organizers built into the bag.  Best of all, Cocoon Innovations is offering 20% any purchases made by 5/11/15.  Check out their organizers and organized bags at Cocoon Innovations and buy Mom, and yourself, something nice!  Use the 20hmd15 code to receive the 20% discount.  If you need to know how these bags work, you can check out my review of the Cocoon Kips Bay Bag for MacBook Pro 13″ or the Cocoon CMB100 Mini Messenger Bag that I used as my handbag.

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Are you curious how products continue to preform weeks, months and even years after we’ve posted our reviews? This week Bill Henderson and I have a five review updates to share. Click through to see a list of updated reviews and then scroll to the bottom of each of the listed reviews to read our latest update. [click to continue…]

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Hi, I’m Larry and I’m a phone case junkie. So, I may not need an intervention yet, but I have noticed that I do have several phone cases of various makes, models, and types. I sat back today and asked myself why, and what I come up with is that I have not found a case that is flexible enough to do everything I need. I have some that are close, but none that are perfect. The nexpaq modular smartphone case, a Kickstarter project from nexpaq Inc., may be the perfect solution. As my description says the nexpaq is a modular smartphone case, meaning that you can slide modules in and out to fit your needs. Besides, having a built-in 1000 mAh battery there are currently 12 modules available:

  • Battery power
  • Amplified speaker
  • Super LED flashlight
  • SD card reader
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Hot keys
  • USB Flash
  • Air quality
  • Laser
  • Backup
  • Dummy

The nexpaq will be available for iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S5. With the ability to swap the modules between cases no matter what phone you are using, the nexpaq offers the ultimate in flexibility. The nexpaq has several pledge points with a $89 pledge getting you a nexpaq and four modules for your iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Samsung Galaxy S5. Funding for this project runs through May 30, 2015 and if successfully funded is slated to ship in the January 2016 time frame.

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Renny Home - 01

What do you imagine a “smartphone hub” for your home would do? For some reason, I thought it would integrate my smartphone and landline in some way to make it easier to use both throughout my house. I was pretty excited about that concept when I asked to review the Renny Home product. Let me tell you right now that I was dead wrong. Ölens Technology designed Renny Home to do many things, but it’s clear from reading the package that landline integration is not one of them.  [click to continue…]

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