How are your oral habits? Do you floss your teeth at least once a day? I’ll admit that I have a really hard time sticking to the habit. For me, it’s a combination of forgetting and just being lazy. Can a gadget help me and you be more proactive with our oral hygiene tasks? Flosstime might be that gadget. It’s a hockey puck shaped dental floss dispenser that sticks to your bathroom mirror. Wait, don’t stop reading, there’s more. [click to continue…]

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Agatha is a cute little silicone spoon holder shaped like a witch that rests on the edge of your soup pot to keep the drips inside the pot instead of on your stove top. She also doubles as a steam release by lifting the pot lid while the potion is boiling. [click to continue…]

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Do you have images or videos on your MacBook or iMac that you would like to upload to Instagram but you can’t upload through a web browser on your computer? Transferring those images to your phone or tablet so that you can use the Instagram app will do the job, but it’s not the most convenient way to do things. An alternative is a macOS app like Uplet from Eltima. This simple application will let you upload multiple images and videos to your Instagram account. Let’s take a closer look at it.

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When people choose speakers, they often think size and price should dictate what’s best. That kind of thinking is false. The most important factor in buying a speaker is, “How is it going to be used?” When I reviewed the Audioengine HD6 wireless speakers, I said that “Once again, Audioengine has made a pair of speakers that should thrill the buyer and continually amaze with killer audio”. While that’s still true about the HD6 speakers, the newer and smaller Audioengine HD3 wireless speakers are even better—at almost half the price. How can that be? [click to continue…]

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This week I found four interesting Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns that I thought you might enjoy reading about. Click through to read this week’s list. [click to continue…]

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If you haven’t replaced all the incandescent light bulbs in your home for LED bulbs yet, what are you waiting for? LED bulbs use less energy which means you’ll see a lower electric bill, they last longer than traditional bulbs and they are better for the environment. If those aren’t good enough reasons for you to upgrade, then how about considering an LED smart bulb like the LIFX Color 1000 A19 WiFi LED smart bulb? These bulbs offer more features than a traditional light bulb. Let’s take a look. [click to continue…]

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The standing desk movement doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. If you’ve considered giving one a try, you may be interested in the Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation that Fellowes has just announced. This standing desk requires no modification to your existing desk as it just sits on top of it. The Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation is available in black or white and features Smooth Lift Technology that makes changing positions from sitting to standing very easy. The desk has built-in cord management, a built-in device charging slot for your phone or tablet that also keeps it at the correct angle for viewing while you work. The Lotus arrives fully assembled so you can just unbox it, and get to work. The Fellowes branded Lotus is available now at Office Depot for $499.

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I’m always on the look out for unique EDC gear and the Tactical Wallet from Dango fits that criteria perfectly. What is it? It’s a minimalist wallet made of aluminum and leather that can hold cards and case just like other wallets. So far that doesn’t sound very unique, but the interesting thing about the Dango wallet is the multi-tool that fits inside. [click to continue…]

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Another week, another batch of gadget related posts. So far this year, we’ve been focusing on reviews instead of news. This week we posted 15 reviews instead of just 7 which we’d normally post in a typical week. Click through to see the full list of what we posted this week. What are your feelings on that change? Do you miss news posts? Let me know!
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It’s hard to believe, but I don’t think I’ve reviewed an action camera in the almost 20 years that I’ve been reviewing products on The Gadgeteer. It’s time to change that situation and I’ll be doing it with the Andoer 4K action camera (D4186B) from Ready, set, action!

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More and more, the smallest devices we have are connected to the internet; the days of a 4 port router being useful are long gone. Nowadays, many of us need Wi-Fi capable of providing a signal to dozens of devices, throughout our homes.

Some people find themselves with a great signal on one side of the house, while finding themselves without a signal on the other side. Others find themselves with a good signal on one floor, while having a poor signal on another.  [click to continue…]

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You’ll be able to keep your keys, your favorite flashlight, pocket knife or other small EDC item attached to yourself or your gear bag with the Trayvax Link or Link-Stretch quick release lanyards. Let’s check them out.
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Almost everyone I know has a smartphone. Almost everyone I know has damaged their smartphone at one time or another. I myself am guilty of said offense.

With all the money we invest in our smartphones, it only makes sense to protect it as best as we can.

I was recently granted the opportunity to review the Caseology Vault case for my Pixel XL.

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I am a homeschool teacher and am always looking for ways to improve the flow of my instruction. When the Gadgeteer was offered the TouchJet Pond Touchscreen Projector, I volunteered to review it to see if it would do just that. It is a smart projector that runs Android 4.4.2, has a 16 GB internal SD card to download apps and store data, is WiFi compatible (802.11 b/g/n), has Bluetooth, and comes with two styluses that contain infrared emitters that communicate with the projector turning any flat surface into a touchscreen. Making any surface into a touchscreen is a cool feature but the limited resolution (854 x 480) and brightness (80 lumens) among other things were disappointing. [click to continue…]

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The look and feel of your favorite writing instrument is important, but even more important is the ink refill. You can have the coolest looking pen on the planet, but if it doesn’t write well, it will never become your favorite pen. When you find a refill that writes well, but won’t fit in the body of your favorite pen, it’s a real bummer. Enter the Big Idea Design Ti Arto pen. It can accept over 200 different types, styles and brands of refills. Chances are your favorite is one of them. Let’s check it out. [click to continue…]

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