Portable speakers

I love my X-Mini II Capsule and Max II Capsule speakers and X-Mini has just released upgrades to both these lines.  Both the new mono UNO and the stereo MAX now come with ceramic tweeters which produce a wider frequency range covering higher and lower sounds and battery life has been increased up to 18 hours on… Read More

We recently told you about G-Project’s portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, the G-Go (see related posts).  Now, G-Project is announcing the G-Grip, their new ruggedized, portable Bluetooth speaker.  The G-Grip has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery than provides you with up to 8 hours of music between charges.  (Charge with a USB port on your computer or… Read More

The EDGE.sound portable speaker from CUBEDGE has no device-specific dock.  It won’t charge your device.  It will connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device to playback sound or to act as a speakerphone.  You don’t have to worry that you’ll have to replace it if you upgrade or switch platforms.  The EDGE.sound speaker is made of plastic… Read More

The House of Marley makes headphones, audio systems, and bags inspired by Bob Marley.  They say “Bob Marley was a master at his craft and we’re aiming for the same peak of excellence in everything we make.” Their audio products are designed to “produce audio products with smooth, powerful bass, mids with stunning presence, and… Read More

In 1981 I remember getting my first Walkman, a device that changed how and where people listened to music. It was your own personal music library that could be carried with you where ever you went to be listened to with headphones. In 1981 I also remember buying my first set of external speakers as well… Read More

Urban Outfitters is offering a portable speaker from Edifier that can travel with you.  The Audio Candy (MP15) speakers have both a 3.5mm audio input and an SD card slot for your music, and there’s a lithium-ion battery inside that lets you play that music for up to 6 hours.  The MP15 speakers charge via… Read More

The iharmonix Q-i-sound Bluetooth Speakers from Qmadix are compact little speakers that can travel with you in their carrying case.   (See the bottom image; click for a larger view.)  The lithium-polymer battery charges in about 3.5 hours and provides up to 8 hours continuous playback time or 240 hours of standby time.  The speakers… Read More

Sometimes you want to listen to music, but it’s not prudent to wear earbuds.  The built-in speakers, if your device even has them, usually sound pretty bad, so it’s nice to have a small external speaker with you.  It’s even nicer when the speakers are Bluetooth so you don’t have to mess with a bunch… Read More

I for one vastly prefer listening to speakers than headphones and I am always on the search for both the perfect personal portable speaker for general use, and amplified travel speakers to use in class. It would be great to get both in one package! The Muse Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker is certainly small at… Read More

I’m all about my Big Band music. I have an Mp3 player full of it.  I stream it via Live 365 Internet Subscription radio.  I even have vinyl records of old recordings, and I have stuff older than that.  I can’t always play my records and in my area; Big Band music cannot be found… Read More

Last year, I had the chance to review the iMainGo X Ultra-Portable Speaker and Case for iPhone/iPod and was amazed at the great sound from such a small set of speakers.  I was interested to see that they’ll soon have the iMainGo XP for iPad and iPad 2.  The portable speaker case has a rechargeable… Read More

Almost every portable device available today has the capability to play music, and everywhere you look, you’ll see someone with earphones tuning out the world.  Earphones are great, but sometimes you want to listen to music without feeling so isolated or you want to share your music with others.  Many devices have built-in speakers now… Read More

These Altec Lansing Orbit USB Stereo Speakers are small enough to carry with your laptop.  They pack compactly together into a cylinder to fit easily into your gear bag.  They use USB power from your laptop, netbook, or computer to significantly amplify and enhance the sound.  The speakers have stands that let you aim the… Read More

The iHome iDM12 Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker System for iPad/iPhone/iPod is iHome’s entry into the every growing portable/battery powered Bluetooth speaker market. Like the Monster iClarityHD speakers I reviewed in January, the iMD12 aims to give you mobile sound without the headphones. Unlike the iClarityHD, the iDM12 doesn’t bother with a microphone – it’s not a… Read More

I’ve had nothing but laptops for several years now, and I’ll never go back to desktop computers. About the only thing I don’t like about laptops is their typically wimpy speakers. I don’t want to have to plug in external speakers and have my laptop tethered to them. The Logitech Wireless Z515 Speaker sounds perfect… Read More