JammyPack and Lucky Chic Announce a New Partnership

Have you seen the JammyPack?  It’s a set of  water-resistant, silver-stamped magnetic, 3W mini-speakers concealed in a fanny pack made from high-density, woven, rigid fabric.  JammyPack connects to any iPod, mobile phone, mp3/cd player, hand-held game or multi-media device.  Take the music with you by powering the JammyPack with 3 AA batteries (6-10 hours of sound) or with USB power (can even use the Apple wall wart) for use with your home computer.  These JammyPacks come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they normally sell for up to $65.  Here’s where the partnership with Lucky Chic comes in.  Lucky Chic is a members-only site that lets you purchase great products by bidding on them.  You simply buy Lucky Chic coins to use in the bidding; check their website for more details on the process.  The JammyPacks have a starting price of only 10 cents on the Lucky Chic site, so you have the potential to buy one for a very low price.  Check the above links for both sites to learn more about this product and opportunity.

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  2. It sounds as if Lucky Chic has picked up the Quibid model, which IMO pays off only for shoppers who get very lucky — or have nothing but time. Quibid likes to advertise some of the amazing deals they’ve given, like a new PS3 for $40 or something, but when you watch one of the auctions in progress, you see folks bidding on an item for what must be hours on end. Every time a new high bid comes in, the clock turns back a bit, allowing yet another high bid. From what I can figure out, you have to outlast the other bidders, like folks hanging onto a flagpole to win a new car. The only folks who make out consistently are the auctioneers themselves, who make a dime a bid. The JammyPack looks as if it might be cool (no word on what it sounds like), but I wouldn’t bother unless I could find it at a normal online store…

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