Aquapac Products Review

If you are someone that is content to sit inside and never leave the comfort of your easy chair and chip bowl; you will most likely never need any of these products.  For those that actually manage to get out and enjoy an active lifestyle (even if it’s only once a year while on vacation) […]

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InnoPocket Smart Cover-review

Product Requirements: Device: Handspring Visor, Visor Deluxe and Visor Platinum Let’s face it. The stock plastic cover that comes with the Handspring PDAs is just not for everyone. I don’t like the fact that it is loose when not in use. And it has a host of other problems. But if a loose screen cover

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Convertible Review

The Convertible by RoadMate is a one piece protective screen cover with an integrated stand. It is compatible with both the PalmPilot (including 2meg upgrade with IR), and Palm III. It is made of a flexible injection molded plastic and comes in several solid colors including red, yellow, teal, blue, black. It also comes in

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