Rex Cases Review

Since the new REX Pro model was released, a few new cases for one of the worlds
smallest PDAs have also been released.  Here is a short review of cases by Tech Center Labs and the Mini-flip
cases by K&K.


Crystal Hard Case by Tech Center Labs

The Crystal hard case by Tech Center Labs is really a PCMCIA holder that has been
modified so that you can use it as a play through case for the REX.  When the case is
closed, the buttons on the REX can easily be activated via a cut out area.  This is a
terrific case because the only time you need to remove the REX is when you want to sync it
to your PC.

crystalcase1.jpg (5560 bytes)crystalcase2.jpg (4997 bytes)

Inserting and extracting the REX from the case is simple. You just open the cover and
pull out the PDA.

The real beauty of this case is that it is made of hard plastic… hard enough so that
you can even put the REX in your back pants pocket and sit on it without fear. The plastic
case keeps the REX from any flexing that might cause the screen to break.

One nifty idea that you can do with this case is cut out a photo and put it upside down
under your REX. Since the case is play through, you can see your picture when you turn the
case over.

This is the only case I’m using for my REX!

Price: $12.00 ($4.00 for an unmodified case – non play

Protects the REX from flexing.
Play through – buttons are exposed when case is closed.
Made of see through clear plastic.



WetSuit Case by Tech Center Labs

The WetSuit case by Tech Center Labs is a flexible rubberlike sleeve. You can slide the
REX in and out easily. It will protect the PDA from scratches, dirt and splashes.

rexcases5.jpg (6705 bytes)

This slip case would be useful for someone that carries their REX in a purse or jacket
pocket. It will keep your PDA from getting banged around against other objects.

This case won’t protect your REX from flexing. It is strictly a light weight slip

Price: $8.00

Protects screen from scratches.

Not play through.


REX on a Rope Case by Tech Center Labs

The REX on a Rope case by Tech Center Labs is a see through polypro case with a metal
ring attached. It comes with a string attached that would let you wear the REX around your
neck. You could also attach this case to a key ring.

rexcases1.jpg (8193 bytes)rexcases2.jpg (8341 bytes)

To insert the REX, you just snap open the lid at one end and slide the REX in or out.

rexcases3.jpg (6553 bytes)rexcases4.jpg (4961 bytes)

Since the case is clear, you’ll be able to see an alarm when it goes off on the screen.
The case is also large enough to put one credit card or a couple business cards in it.
The case is also pretty sturdy and as far as I can tell, would keep the REX from
flexing. So, it’s possible that you could put this case in your back jeans pocket without


Price: $12.00

Protects screen from scratches.

Not play through.


FieldPak Case by Tech Center Labs

The FieldPak case by Tech Center Labs is a heavy duty high protection see through case.

rexcases7.jpg (10867 bytes)rexcases6.jpg (6144 bytes)

The cover opens like a clamshell and is held closed by a snap closure. It’s a strong
snap so I wouldn’t be afraid of it popping open on its own. Inside the case is a shock
absorbing gel like pad that the REX sits on. When the REX is resting on this pad, there is
room under it for extra batteries, small folded notes etc.

rexcases8.jpg (7392 bytes)

Standoffs on the lid of the case press the hold the REX securely in the gel cushion.
This case is padded enough that I wouldn’t be afraid to toss it across the room or put it
in my back pocket. The only real bad thing about the FieldPak case is that it is pretty
large compared to the REX itself. Its overall dimensions are: 4.25″ x 3″ x

Price: $12.00

Shock absorbing.
See through.

Large size
Not play through.


Mini-Flip Cases by K&K

K&K makes two different cases for REX PDAs. They are called the Mini-Flip cases and
are black heavy gauge vinyl play through cases.

The REX slides into a clear pocket on one side of the case. The other side of the case
also has a pocket (non-see through) that you can put business cards in.

miniflip3.jpg (6367 bytes)  miniflip1.jpg (5265 bytes)

While the REX is in this case, the buttons can easily be pressed through the plastic.
The plastic protects the screen from smudges and scratches.

The other version of this case is called the Mini-Flip Plus.  The only difference
is the addition of a thin flat magnet (1/32″ inch thick) on the back of the case. You
can use this magnet to hold the REX and case on to a refrigerator, metal cabinet or any
other metal surface.

miniflip2.jpg (4557 bytes)

Both Mini-Flip cases are small and light weight. I like these cases better than the
original case that comes with the REX because they don’t use those four little elastic
bands that tend to obstruct the buttons.

This case isn’t strong enough to allow you to put the REX in your back pants pocket

Price: Mini-Flip $4.00 ea.  (price is lower when buying
in bulk), Mini-Flip Plus $5.50 (price is lower when buying in bulk)

Play through.

Not strong enough to allow you to put it in your back  pants pocket.


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