Last week I posted a review of the Invisible Gamepad Kickstarter project, which are easy to use stick-on gamepads for smartphones and tablets. I found that the Invisible Gamepad worked better than other stick-on joysticks that I’ve tried in the past (see related reviews at the bottom of this post), but it still lacked a… Read More

If you enjoy playing action games on your smartphone or tablet, you have probably run into a problem that is shared by all games that use virtual on-screen controls. On-screen touch controls lack the tactile feedback that is needed for fast paced gaming. When you’re surrounded by a bunch of bad guys and your only way… Read More

The EFO iPazzPort Mini Wireless GameBoard, Keyboard, Mouse, Touchpad is a 2.4GHz wireless controller which connects to your PC (Windows, Mac or Linux) or Android device using an RF USB dongle. It’s designed for your entertainment system. Just hook it up, sit on your couch and surf or play games on your large screen TV… Read More

Combining all the features of a mouse, keyboard and joystick, the Ringbow is a Bluetooth device worn on the finger that complements your Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or similar device.  The Ringbow includes a D-pad button with 9 control directions.  It can be used to by itself or in conjunction with a touchscreen device, giving a more… Read More

Gaming on the iPad is a big deal. There are probably more game apps than utility apps in the app store. That means that gadgets that aid in game play should be really popular too right? Well guess what? There aren’t many of them – yet. While we wait for wireless joysticks, we have to… Read More

Got an iPad? Like games and wish you could use a real joystick to play games instead of a virtual touch screen controller? I have a potential solution for you. It’s the JOYSTICK-IT from ThinkGeek. It’s a small stick on joystick that has been designed to work with any device that features a capacitive touchscreen… Read More

Hot on the heels of Janet’s news about the Fling controller, comes a similar add-on for iPad and Android tablet devices. It’s the JOYSTICK-IT from ThinkGeek. This is a lightweight solid milled-aluminum joystick that is compatible with 1000’s of games that feature a virtual on-screen control pad.  It’s not clear if it uses some sort… Read More

Just looking at this joystick brings back memories of playing Pacman, Donkeykong and Pitfall Harry. The Clear Classic USB Joystick from Retro Thing is modeled after the iconic joystick that us 40 somethings remember from the 70’s and 80’s. It plugs into a USB port to play retro games on a modern PC or Mac… Read More

Have you ever seen a keyboard / gaming controller like this one? Pretty crazy huh? The AlphaGrip iGrip is made to hold in both hands so that you can control it by all 10 of your fingers. It has a bazillion buttons and a trackball. Too bad it isn’t wireless as well. Cross your fingers… Read More