Phone trade-in values at the Google Store are in flux. Check yours now!

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NEWS – Two weeks ago my old but fully functional Pixel 3a XL got valued at a respectable $180 at the Google Store so I ordered a Pixel 6a. The deal is, once the phone is inspected and is found to be factory reset, powers on, and has an unbroken screen, it is predicted (not promised) to yield a refund of the amount specified at the time of your purchase, back to the payment method with which you bought your phone.

One night last week my wife’s Google Pixel 4a had dropped to a $46 value, down from $190 the previous day. Sadness.

Well well. We checked last night and its value is back up to $190. We ordered a Pixel 6a for her. Happiness.

You may wish to check the value of your trade-in at the Google Store. Time may be of the essence, depending on your model.

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  2. Got a $200 trade-in for my Pixel 3A XL and with another $150 discount bought a Pixel 7 at the Google store for $249 net. Yes, check the trade-in values often.

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