nonda will make your vehicle smarter and safer for FREE!

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NEWS – You’ve seen sensors that plug into the OBD2 socket under your car’s dash that tell you information about your vehicle’s diagnostic codes right? If you’ve wanted one of these sensors in the past but didn’t want to spend the money to buy one, today is your very lucky day because you can score a nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini (Gen 4) for an amazingly low price of $0! No, I’m not kidding. They are giving away 2,000,000 of these devices for absolutely free (they are normally $59.99). Why are they doing this?

Market research shows that old vehicles have much higher fatality rate than new ones. As the leading connected car company in the US, nonda is committed to protecting people’s journey behind the wheel through innovative products and technology. To deliver our social commitment and growing our business at the same time, we’ve decided to give away 2,000,000 FREE nonda Smart Vehicle Health Monitors to boost your driving safety.

There’s no subscription fee that you have to pay. All you have to do is pay the shipping charges. And no, they aren’t overcharging you on the shipping fees. Here’s what nonda says:

We use USPS first-class package shipping for US orders and standard postage package mail for international ones. You only need to pay the same amount of what our shipping provider charges us.

What are the shipping charges? $6.99 for US – UPS first-class shipping with tracking – 3-5 day delivery period and $4.79 for int’l – 20-30-day delivery period.

The next question you may be asking is “Julie, why do I need this free car gadget?” and the answer to that question is that the ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini offers the following features:

  • nonda Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini is a plug-and-play device with an
    accompanying mobile app that allows drivers to keep tabs on their engine’s health, drive safer, and save money.
  • Dealerships can charge $150+ on average to explain what an engine code means and clear it. With nonda’s FREE hardware and FREE ZUS App, users can check & clear engine light for FREE.
  • Automatically log trips and export IRS compliant tax-deduction reports. Nonda users saved an average of $548 dollars in 2019.
  • Automatically scans 300+ vehicle safety factors.
  • Provides Real-time Driving Data: Speed, RPM, Torque.
  • Automatic car finder feature in the app
  • Over 150+ (250+more to come) video tutorials to teach users how to fix each Pcode by themselves. When a user scans an error code, the corresponding video will show up in their app and sent to their email inbox.

How can you get a FREE nonda ZUS monitor for your car? First, you need to head over to nonda’s site to check that your car is compatible. The device should work on all cars (US and international) with an OBD II port, which includes most cars manufactured after 1996 as well as electric vehicles.

Get yours at nonda before they run out!

8 thoughts on “nonda will make your vehicle smarter and safer for FREE!”

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  2. I am looking for one that connects via Bluetooth instead of WiFi. The ones available from Amazon cost 2-3x as much. This one does not specify which, but comparably priced ones on Amazon use WiFi (which is a bother to use).

    BTW, the one I have cost $13.99 via Prime.

  3. Most recent Amazon reviews aren’t that good. It also appears that this product has been out for some time. I wonder if this pitch is to just recoup some money on old stock before a new model comes out.

    Most people only need something like this when their CEL (check engine light) comes on. When that happens, go to your local auto parts store (AutoZone, Pep Boys, etc.) and almost all of them will scan your OBD port for free and with a much more expensive and sophisticated scan tool. Then write down the codes and Google it. About 99% of the time you’ll find out exactly what that code means as well as what’s needed to fix it. If you fix it yourself, though, these shops will not clear the code to make the CEL go out. If you have a state inspection, that could be a problem.

    1. Once the problem is fixed the light should go out after a set number of drive cycles (a mixture of highway and local driving). If you clear the light you will take the OBD2 system monitors out of “readiness” as the statuses will be cleared along with the fault. Either way you’ll need to go through the drive cycles and as long as there are no issues the readiness monitors should all show “ready” after running their tests.

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