The pandemic has caused a resurgence of gadgets

NEWS – While those of us here at The Gadgeteer are constantly checking out various gadgets, it seems a large part of the world had been falling prey to the “let the smartphone do it” syndrome. At least it was, before the recent global pandemic and resulting quarantine brought back uses for small, single-purpose items. John Herrman, over at the New York Times, recently wrote a great article about how this played out – and is still playing out with this fall’s new phone launches, holiday shopping on the horizon, and a winter (still) spent in virtual isolation.

As I read, I thought back about several articles I’ve read or written regarding the convergence of life onto the smartphone, and have noticed it in my immediate family and in those I interact with every day. Over the last seven months, I’ve helped folks with webcams, lighting for their Zoom calls, upgrading computers or tablets for homeschool use, online storage decisions – you name it. Just yesterday, someone was asking me about re-installing software for their phone, and I asked if they had a computer. Their answer: “Does a Chromebook count?” I was reminded of Steve Job’s famous Trucks to Cars metaphor. If you’ve not watched it, it’s great. I don’t know if he came up with that during the interview or not – I’d never heard it stated quite like that before, but it’s startlingly accurate – and prescient. It’s well worth the two and a half minutes it’ll take you to watch it.

All in all, Herrman’s article is an interesting read, and something to consider. As Gadget Ambassadors, make sure your friends and family know that you’re available to help them make good decisions about things they may have never had to consider before. Sure, they probably know you’re the family geek, but make sure you’re approachable and have the link to your favorite Gadget website handy:!

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4 thoughts on “The pandemic has caused a resurgence of gadgets”

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  2. As with almost all of Steve Jobs’ productions he was far from original. The car analogy is literally such a popular analogy that it has it’s own wikipedia page ( ).

    Steve Jobs had one great talent: sell other people’s achievements and make it look like you thought of it first.
    Steve came from a background (Middle East) where not telling the truth is something different than lying. You be the judge on that on that one

    1. ^Flag this guy for racism.

      I mean in 2020’s America that sounds like just the way Americans talk I guess.

      Not too far off Germany of 1936 or 37. Which was also racist and also slipping quietly into a version of itself that it thought would be better but really was much worse.

      And like that one, this era will be a nightmare that your country will spend 100 years ashamed of.

      1. Yo A.Reader.
        Did you just assume my nationality?
        I am not an American, I am from a very different culture.
        Pointing out differences in cultures is not racism, please educate yourself.
        Or better yet educate me on guilt, shame and confession in Middle Eastern culture. I dare you.

        Your reference to Nazi Germany shows how little you understand. Flagging other people was rampant in those times. You know flagging like you just called for. Sad.

        Now comment on Steve Jobs if you want to add to the conversation.

  3. This is a gadget website, not a place for picking apart people or other posters. If you’d like to discuss such topics, I’m sure you can find other places to do so. Further comments not on the topic of gadgets will be deemed off-topic and not approved by the editors.

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