This giant flashlight will jump start your car

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NEWS – You’ve probably seen and might even have a portable jump start device for your car’s battery. I have one behind the backseat of my car that I reviewed years ago. The problem with a dedicated jump-start gadget is that you have to keep it charged and it just does one thing. The CarAIDE is a multi-tool that can be used to jump-start your vehicle and so much more.

CarAIDE looks like a BIG heavy-duty flashlight because that’s what it is. But the built-in 8000 mAh battery inside the 260-lumen flashlight can be used as an SOS beacon and can jump-start cars with up to a 4.0 L gas engine. It can also be used to power USB devices and has a built-in Compass, Thermometer, Hook, Emergency Rope, Emergency Alarm, Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter, and an Industrial Magnet.

You can read more about the CarAIDE by visiting and you can buy one for $119 on Amazon.

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