NASA takes first step to develop Fhloston Paradise

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NEWS – Are you tired of those “been there, done that” kind of vacations?  I mean, beaches are great, but water and sand can only go so far.  Skiing is fun, but after you’ve been to the mountains, it gets repetitive.  You can only look at so many ancient ruins, right? What is a world traveler to do?


That’s right – for the low, low cost of $58,000,000 for the launch plus $35,000 per night, you can travel to the International Space Station (ISS) for that “nowhere in the world” kind of experience. And, unlike cut-rate airlines, you get to bring checked bags to the tune of up to 175 kg (about 385 lbs) of cargo. No word on the loyalty program, but I’d expect a ton of points for each night!

Seriously, this opportunity targeted at the commercial and scientific community. NASA is opening up the ISS to private interests as a means to provide a vehicle to science and industry that need a microgravity environment for research. NASA is trying to foster a sustainable low-Earth orbit economy.

So while it isn’t Fhloston Paradise, the idea of taking an extended vacation and being able to look down on this blue marble we call home is pretty exciting.  Now, I just need to come up with a viable and compelling microgravity experiment and get a GoFundMe set up.

For more information, visit NASA’s commercial opportunity website.

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    1. Perhaps, John, but it’s missing that all-important tube connecting it to the world below. I’ll stick with my Fhloston Paradise reference. 🙂

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