Gadgeteer Team EDC 2018 updates – Jacob Haas

ARTICLE – Below is a list of EDC gear I carry daily on my person.

1. BeatsX earphones
2. iPhone 7 Plus in a black Jisoncase Leather Slim-Fit case
3. Spyderco Ambitious G-10 knife
4. Herschel Felix Wallet
5. Lip balm (currently a stick of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula)

And below are the items I typically carry in my bag. I currently use the Danny P. Leather Messenger bag, which I reviewed previously. Although I’m really taking a hard look at Adam Savage’s EDC Two… it looks awesome.
1. 12.9” iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard cover
2. Herschel Settlement Case that charging cables, adapters, an iPad SD card reader and many types of pens and highlighters
3. Lihit Lab Smart Fit Actact Wide Open Pen Case that I use as a dopp kit / first aid kit
4. a protein bar
5. Word Dot Grid notebook

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